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This is something I can get used to bless this tag

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Sakuya without her makeup is prettier by lots. Genius Cirno is a bit absurd haha. Viva universe!

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Sakuya with that make up looks like a stolen car. Oo

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Aww, I always looking forward to read this.
Thank you for the upload!

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god damn this useless burdock

why did I even take it

Nezchan Moderator
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god damn this useless burdock

why did I even take it

It makes Meiling happy.

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Uni Mate's "A Bright Future" in Dynasty? Huzzah!!

Nezchan Moderator
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I think this cements Meiling's position as the best, and this version of Flan is adorable with extra cute sauce.

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After 4 deaths, I got the normal ending....I'm boring :/ the mushrooms do nothing!!!!

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Tried this a long time ago in danbooru; got sports car end.

Tried again today, got FEVER BEST END on my second(ish) attempt.

relevant BGM:

Yuri Project
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Holy cow

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I...I saw the tag, and had to check it out. This makes me feel like a kid again.

Sports car end! puts on sunglasses and lets her hair blow out behind her as she drives off

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Hehehe. So I wrote down all the things I thought of while I did the adventure book part, I really love those. There's a comment for every reaction I had for each page. The series thing itself is good too.

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Horaay! I won Patchuli's heart! Time for some Patchuli x Marissa yuri.

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but how do i get flan
got the flan

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You can't go to 79

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