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Dat cuteness, dat intense love. Best artist ever.

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One of my favourites from Itou Hachi. Age gap is huge, but the way they present the relationship is just so cute and emotional
Itou Hachi really likes age gaps, and also pulls them off really well, no complaints from me

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I really like Itou Hachi's delicate line work (and the Legally Married Yuri Couple Book). I am not super-into age gap (20 yr old virgin and 30 yr old maiden is more my speed regarding age gap - namely two adults), but a 9 yr old and a 24 yr old just is too much for me. Especially with how the older party handles it. (The Structural Formula of First Love handles it in a much more ethical way where the older party does everything to discourage it as a serious feeling while the younger party is a minor -

Anyway, I try to avoid everything with a lolicon tag, which this doesn't have (should it? I'm not very sure of the rules for that tag).

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I love this author buuuuut they really like the their lolicon age gap too much.

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Heresy, there can never be too much lolicon age gap.

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i don't mind the age gap but it's the age that got me. a 24 year old falling in love with and wanting to marry a 9 year old then being told to wait until the kid was 16 but only being able to wait until she's 11... i get it's just manga and a story but... ew. i'm a 26 and i couldn't imagine looking at an 11 year old girl in a romantic way. they should've just made the kid older and say that she's one of those that looks younger than her age

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