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I would definitely want to try this out. I got an Ipad 2 so where do I sign up?

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i have a ipod 4, ipad 3, and a iphone 4. i would gladly help you test it if you still need tester. thank you :D i can't wait for the app to be release. that would be really awesome!

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Is there a way to still participate in the testing of the app???

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Do you need more testers I have an ipad 3? ^_^

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Hey! Are you still looking for testers? 0.0 I have an iPhone 4 and I'm interested to try it out. ^^ Sorry for this super late reply. haha. Thanks! ^^

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Can I test it too??? I have an iPhone 4S. Thanks in advance!

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Trying the app and thinking of things you could use.

I suggest an option where you can see the rest of the chapters at the same manga (all of them) for the released chapters. (in case you have missed the latest chapters or forgot what happened previously)

And also a follow option that sends a notification if your favorite manga has a new chapter and/or an option at the bottom about latest chapters of mangas that you follow.

The zoom in-zoom out of the pages option is missing, and though i have not yet encountered a manga that needed it, im sure there are some that are pretty detailed and small lettered that would need it.

Also when u are at the page that shows all the chapters of a manga, a nice idea would be a "download all" option.

Another option could be that if you click on a latest chapter you can choose to change chapters (maybe by holding the left or right option, like changing pages but longer press). Though i think that this would be nice only if there was a little window popping up that said if you really want to go to the previous/next chapter (in case someone does it by mistake).
How does it sound??? ^.^

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Hey, I was just wondering if the app was still available?

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Any way I can still get in on this? The idea of a Dynasty Reader app appealed to me immediately upon hearing about it (though I only got around to signing up for the forums now!). Thanks! =D

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i love to test it!!!

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I would love to test it too since using safari usually always ends up with blank manga pages on almost all the manga I try to view them on my iPod.

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It's never going to be released due to Apple's App Store policy and what our reader focuses around.

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