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Oh man, mahjong manga lol. This was great. Feels bad that Marisa inevitably had to play the fool/second fiddle though. Even once you've gained a little bit of skill, mahjong is a game which rubs in your ordinariness in the worst way. For Reimu's natural, unreachable strength to extend even to mahjong...although Yuyuko's perfect reading was even more terrifying.

Anyway, I loved the rest of the thematic presentation of the storyline, too. The tie-in back to mahjong's season tiles was great...I never even really thought about why my set still had them too, although I do think modern Japanese sets have actually widely dropped the flower tiles...

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Oh man, mahjong manga lol. This was great. Feels bad that Marisa inevitably had to play the fool/second fiddle though.

A big problem with FLIPFLOPs adventure works and Touhou doujins in general.

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lol. I did like the lip service with Marisa getting called an "ominous" black-white though. Seriously, I can hardly quantify Marisa's amazingness to me, she's just such an awesome character (and a lot of doujins have played their role in helping me realize that, too). At the same time, Reimu also carries an amazing mysteriousness for me which makes me love her at an equal level. Marisa and Reimu are really interesting in that whereas in most yuri, the thing which I love ends up being the relationship as a unit and I don't end up carrying any particular feelings/fascination for the characters as individuals/by themselves, with Marisa and Reimu I have a fascination for both their relationship as a unit and their individual characters as themselves.

edit: Hmm, I see what you mean with FlipFlop's other long series though. At least in this one Marisa got to also sit at the mahjong table, in the other one's she's pretty much a complete side show to the main act.

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i'm a fan of reimuXyukari, but i love every dj about yukariXyuyuko, i think touhou 7 offer a lot of ideas for good plots,
it's a shame i never seen all of yukari spellcards in the actual game, i'm not good enough, ran alone is too much for ,me

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Hmm, page 86 comes up out of sequence on the reader for me.

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Most random page order issue ever. Fixed.

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I don't like this Reimu. She's beyond too perfect, she's nothing but a vehicle, everything she needs to be to win. I hate seeing every other character be forced to bow to her. I will give props for good storytelling and effective management of drama, but I dunno, there's something which feels off about all of the characters. Like they're lacking a key part of what makes them real or the qualities which I see as being essential to them in canon.

When I was playing PCB, Yuyuko was a legitimate challenge. Her danmaku was beautiful, the giant fan told me "shit's getting real", learning about her power made me wonder about the sorrow which might lie in her past.

I have the same gripe for their EoSD remake. Patchy, Sakuya, and Remi are killer to defeat in game. All of them are treated so lightly here.

Eh whatever. Shame though, I had higher hopes.

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