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Never seen a story where Reimu and Marisa were sisters. Feels like I have to re read this one several times to make sure I"m not missing anything.

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Urgh Yukari you ass!

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Damn. I don't read many Touhou stories because I've never really been big on the franchise (I do like the setting and the characters but being what it is, nothing is ever consistent), but occasionally I stumble into something interesting.

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dang thats dark...

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An interesting angle making a story where Reimu and Marisa are sisters.

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Nice doujin, I hope the sequel gets translated as well.

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Story was very nice but not very cannon. Author kinda throwed PC-98 out. Ineteresting but kinda forced I saw some doujins where Reimu reincarted like Akyuu but this is really new and different

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Well that was weird

But then again... Me!

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