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What's this from? I've never heard of "Virtual Youtuber" before, is it just fanarts of random youtubers or is it an actual series? Kinda confused lol.

They're youtubers who streams games and stuff in the form of anime characters. I think Kizuna Ai is one of the famous examples. She's pretty popular. But Okayu and Korone are from a company called Hololive.

Here's Korone's yt channel:

Okayu's yt channel:

Pls check them out if you're interested. And here's a playlist of OkaKoro clips that would explain why they're shipped by fans

Hope that helped

Thank you for the thorough reply, I will check them out!

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OKAKORO!!!!!! <3

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The rest is just other girls getting delusional on their own lol

That's sad but true lol.

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That awkward moment when you realize that Korone isn't actually a timid girl and she would show you her dark side and take your yubi.

I actually starting getting interested in Shion x Okayu lately because Shion was so cute being a tsundere toward Okayu (I hope yandere doggo won't steal her yubi), but there is just something amazing about a kyute wholesome doggo x smug cat that makes you helplessely ship them. Maybe it's because of the special way Okayu treats Korone and how she feels relaxed around her and the way Korone always feels extra cheerful and happy around her. Romance aside, I swear sometimes it's exactly how a real dog and a cat would interact IRL it's so adorable. I know it's all an act and business in the end but you can really notice the chemistry they have together if you've been following them for a while. That's why I enjoy Homolive Hololive, All characters have certain bonds that tie each one of them together, and it feels almost so real sometimes if it's not (it helps the fact that most of them just act like themselves and forget about their characters) and don't even get me starting on Matsuri x Fubuki lol. I swear it all started with that Scatman video Matsuri playing that pseudo mario game that made her all angry and here when I had thought she would be acting all cute, I was shocked to actually see her like that. At that moment I already knew that I had fell into a rabbit's hole (You thought I was gonna talk about Matsuri x Fubuki but it was me MATSURI but man I need like 10 pages for that)

Matsuri and Fubuki are more like best friends than a couple. Matsuri actually has a crush on Hoshikawa(Nisanji Vtuber). Too bad Hoshikawa doesn't seem to swing that way even though she kept talking about how cute Matsuri was druing their cruiseship date. Matsuri has actually confessed her feelings for her in her twitcast while crying and saying "As long as she is happy, I don't mind getting a lil bit hurt". The fact that she confessed her feelings in public, it means that she might had already got rejected, but the the twitcast was 2 months prior to their cruisedate which it seems was their first time meeting, so maybe she feels unconfident that her love would be requited, giving the fact how she kept telling Hoshikawa "If I were a guy I would date you". And Hoshikawa already undirectly rejected her many times on their streams, but it seems that Matsuri still hasn't gotten over it yet.

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i thought it would be their first meeting at okayu's onigiri shop.

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I'm surprised no one has mentioned Luna's huge crush on Matsuri lol

Btw, Korone is tagging all her vids with Okayu with おかころ (OkaKoro). Guess she's following TomoeSukoya's #Crossick lol

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It seems that Okayu might have done a magic throw

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I remember seeing this in pixiv before, never thought it was already translated! (never thought vtuber doujin is a thing too here lol)

Short and sweet. Honest 10/10

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I really treasure this

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