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joined Aug 23, 2011

That gif completely blindsided me.

joined Feb 2, 2013

i have only begin to read, but i can't believe there isn't any yaoi development in this, like the tags (and the gif) suggest

joined Mar 1, 2014

The art is wonderful! So cuuuute.

joined Mar 28, 2015

I get yaoi vibes from this.

I feel sorry for Orie.

Btw, it's completed at Ch 18. I wonder why the last two aren't here.

last edited at May 15, 2015 5:53PM

joined May 1, 2016

I am getting the same yaoi subtext vibe; It probably should be tagged as such. Though, I am only on the first few chapters.

joined Apr 23, 2016

super cute! and very gay. the art is absolutely beautiful and the little kids are soooo endearing and wonderful. really put a smile on my face.

joined Oct 20, 2013

This is great!

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