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What even.......

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Well, it's funny. Reki is absolutely the best.

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Where is the animal ears tag?

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Yaaaaaay it's hereeeeeeeeeeee! I love it!!! but I must admit I was screaming the whole ch6 begging it to stop lo/
Capone best grill

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No Yuri tag? I dunno...

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what the fuck...........................................

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Nene posted:

No Yuri tag? I dunno...

They're sisters .... that's forbidden love :0

I mean, there's 3 volumes out there, if yuri happens eventually then it happens but the story is clearly about comedy and fantasy Bizarre ways, not the most healthy scenario for romance anyway xD

By the way these girls (at least the sisters) reminds me of the

Lyn race in Blade And Soul

Or the Elin in Tera

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That broken glass chapter had me painfully cringing the whole time

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Well, I'm looking forward to more, I kinda got the feeling this was first pitched as a 4 koma.... Glad it isn't tho

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This is weird as fuck. Where is the What the fuck i'm i reading tag?

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I absolutely adore this. Lovely art, some good comedy, fun characters, a weird setting and mood - 10/10, want to read more

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This has just the right amount of bizarreness and cuteness. I hope there's more.

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whitenight2013 posted:

That broken glass chapter had me painfully cringing the whole time

As someone who stepped on a broken light bulb, that part was incredibly intense

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