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joined Mar 22, 2021

This has been a fun series and glad to see poly end with other girls getting girls. It has been fun, thanks for translating the sereis everyone who worked on it!

joined Jul 4, 2018

this was such a good ride. gg

joined Nov 12, 2017

lmfao im in love with the whoa, fishies tshirt

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joined May 5, 2022

coming back to this comment section to wonder why is it that the love triangle manga are always the most heartfelt ones ...

joined Jun 13, 2012

Kinda lost track on this one and just finished it now. I have to say, I loved it since the first chapter. It was such a funny story accompanied with some charismatic characters. It had all the typical harem elements with a shy and ordinary looking lead and a bunch of different types of love interests. However, this one actually ends with the poly route which makes me very happy. It made absolute sense in the story since Nakano was equally affectionate towards both of them and it would therefore have been weird if she chose only one of them or someone else. Thus, I think the way it ended was the perfect ending. At least for me :)

joined Dec 4, 2017

ok ngl the end was a bit weird with the middle school kid and the heart to heart dodgeball match lmaooo not to mention the rushed ending.. but i still enjoyed it regardless and the final conflict and conclusion was really fuckin cute so bonus points there. i wish we got to see more teasing of the adorable critter that is nakano.. i seem to have fallen for her as well lol

joined Apr 2, 2017

this one should get the :dubious consent: tag at least for the first chapter or so

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Polyyuri so good nosebleeding

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nozomi is the type of girl that has caps lock always on when she texts her friends

joined Feb 11, 2022

I liked this manga , the author has a very distinctive artstyle I like it , for some reason it gave me a slight punch punch forever vibe , I don't know if that's just me tho

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