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joined Jul 17, 2018

In worship of my favorite ice cream flavor, I need Vanilla X Caramel

I second that motion. (Also, where'd you get that sweet profile pic? OvO)

joined Dec 30, 2017

Now I need one with pineapple and pizza!

B-but that’s... forbidden love!

Cheese is in a polyamourous relationship with every type of food that is put on pizzas.

joined Feb 5, 2015

I’m pretty sure they got sticky afterwards

Is no one going to mention the credits page? That's a totally NSFW picture of the two of them becoming one.

joined Aug 22, 2013

Has Yuri gone too far?

You know, after seeing those red blood cell x female while blood cell arts I supose anything can be turned into gay. Like it doesn't surprise me that much anymore.
Still feel a bit weird about the iPhone x Laptop one tho ._.

Where was the blood cell art? I’m so curious!

joined Apr 1, 2014

Explains how "After Eight" got its name. Yuri Sex at that time.

joined Nov 30, 2017

Now I need one with pineapple and pizza!

Now I feel guilty for always picking the pineapple off my pizza. Goddammit...

joined Apr 12, 2017

Anthropomorphised ice cream was used to represent various forms of sexuality and gender on Bill Nye's Netflix show...

joined Oct 26, 2016

I love MintChoco!!!

What's next? Garlic x bread? Spaghetti x meatball? Mouse x keyboard? Lock x key? Toaster x bread?

Finger x Smartphone. It will be a truly lewd pairing, after all, Finger knows all the right buttons she has to push to make Smartphone react.

Vibrate on Tap

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