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Also like if yer gonna complain about black girl slang being in this. A lot of black girl slang gets appropriated by queers and then becomes a normal part of the lexicon of queer circles. That Mari, a character who literally doesn't talk normally to begin with (SHIIIIIIINY~~~), would adopt this slang doesn't feel out of place. Meanwhile You has a very casual way of talking while Yohane maintains some of her persona in how she talks in this. "It is so." and "As she says." are good examples of that.

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What the heck is this dialogue, lol. Japanese teenagers talking like black ladies with like a hint of southern twang. Y'all?

Hoo boy.

so what would be the most authentic way for japanese teenagers to speak english?

Not this. This sounds dumb. You have to be careful with "localization" because if the characters end up sounding different than any other doujin, your reader will pay more attention to that than what they're actually saying.

I get it, you think you're clever by giving characters southern drawls or valley girl accents, or etc but if no one else does that and just has them speak standard English, it's going to be really unnatural sounding.

"other doujin" are hardly the authorities on how to translate comics, though. lots of them leave in -zuras and any and all other cartoonish cutesy suffixes that no real person would actually use. that this doesn't follow the typical mold makes it notable but it isn't an inherent drawback. if having someone talk like a valley girl or some other iconic archetype is the best way of getting the broad point across then that's a legitimate translation choice. it isn't the translator's fault that you have imagined a "neutral" english voice for a character speaking with a very pronounced accent, dialect or artificial anime quirk.

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Am I the only one who is sure that was created by a man? XD I'm 100% sure of that xD it look like a cold cut x) I mean there is nothing sentimental ect.. it's just sex for sex and I see he try his best he try to make joke and all, but I don't know I just can't like this, (P.S: I don't say ALL man don't do sentimental because that's not true )

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I found the slangs funny, I remember people use to text like that in 2016. It added some comedy and a more causal-personality. Probably one of the best futanari doujins I’ve read. Ruby and the others were oddly very suductive this time around, not complaining though. I enjoy reading futanari, and the art was good enough so 9/10
I would give it 10/10 if there were more.

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the title reminded me of:


(now back to reading)

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This was soooooo fucking hot

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the title reminded me of:


(now back to reading)

Same, but oh God not in such a doujin xD

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I’m gonna fuck you good, cap’n!

I’m crying

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Yoshiko gone topless when she's about to enter Ruby but then the next scene she's actually still has that top on, author maybe sleepy, still a good futa tho

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lmfaooo!!! ohh man that was a fun read uwu

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This was soooooo fucking hot

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There seems to be another You x Mari R18 doujin... Stay tuned, I guess.

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