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joined Sep 9, 2016

Suuuuuuuuure. Let's go with that....

joined Jul 22, 2014

Yeah Right

joined May 30, 2013

I saw the cancelled tag and thought I should probably not bother.

joined Apr 27, 2013

This needed to either grow a plot or turn into porn if it was going to continue, anyway

joined Feb 8, 2018

Pretty boring

joined Oct 16, 2013

It had potential to be fun if they had the time to develop the characters and relationships outside of the usual gag. Ah well rip.

joined Jan 24, 2018

WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?! It's everything I wanted and you cancelled it?! You monsters!!! sobs

joined May 7, 2017

All 3 chapters were amazing, I loved to death a reminisce of Killing me but another setting and harem-like vibes, too bad it was cancelled

Urashi C. Pin
joined Jun 17, 2014

tbh i watched all of seikon no qwaser long as time ago tiddy powers tho...

joined Jul 11, 2017

Seikon no Qwaser was the jam so I thought so for this. But it felt too much like a gag manga with no plot. Other than that, I would've kept reading cuz.. you know..

joined Jun 28, 2017

God. This is so boring. what problem do these artists have with portryaing beautiful black-haired girls as the dommes and blonde girls as submissive?
Would be nice if they were a little less selfish and let other people read what they would like to see.

joined Dec 2, 2017

This was fucking good, like, even if it was practically a soft hentai doujin it was damn good, at least I would have liked that se realizes that se loves her at the very end of something like, that, but well.

This kind of storys only continue in fanfics sadly.

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