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Maaaaaaan this is bittersweet.... It technically ended well, but I so want to see more of this world, clearly had a lot planned for it.


Still, overall I really, really enjoyed this.

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it ended pretty abruptly and wasn't as good as teppu, but i think that it accomplished its main goal of portraying a huge underdog victory pretty well. the fight with nina had me super engaged. i think of it as a glittering crown jewel on an otherwise unremarkable crown.

Marion Diabolito
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Looking back, is it Subtext ? The way she went to the mat for Fu-chan, plus the confession scene, etc?

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I found it less interesting than Teppu. And a lot less realistic too. No wonder it ended earlier. The characters weren't even that interesting, compared to Natsuo or Sanae.

Also, one of the main problems in women amateur MMA is to find opponents in the same weight class than you.

When you look at you can clearly see that the other woman weight a lot more. How can they be opponents?

As for the MC, she should be around 90lbs (and I'm being generous). If you believe that Hanaka is in the same weight class than the monster woman and Koharu, I have bridge to sell you. She would be punched into next week in a matter of seconds.

At least, in Teppu, the author factored that in. When you write a sports manga, at least make an effort to document yourself.

Lol, this is Japan MMA we're talking about. Japan. MMA. If there wasn't some terrible mismatch I'd have to question whether this really happened in Japan.

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I really need more of this manga :( it was so incredibly good
it has been almost a year since it ended and i still love it

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Though it’s not yuri, I love it!

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