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So we're really gettin rid of all of these?

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Yup,check the discord. But I still think it's very weird that they are taking down LazyLily's work as well, I've been lurking this website for years and have never seen something like this. It would be nice to have an explanation.

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Yup,check the discord. But I still think it's very weird that they are taking down LazyLily's work as well, I've been lurking this website for years and have never seen something like this. It would be nice to have an explanation.

Check the locked Thread, Lazy Lilys uploader was one of the defenders and I don't know if they butted heads afterwards.

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Lazy lily's is what's really confusing me, I guess they're not happy with what removing /u/ represents/could mean for the future and don't want any part of the site anymore?

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8chan uses a photoshopped Nazi symbol for their credit pages. A couple of people get triggered and throw a fit. Dynasty staff decides to delete everything about it and asks for 8chan to upload a new credit page without the symbol in order to avoid shitstorms like this in the future. 8chan refuses and instead threatens to have all their works taken down instead. Dynasty staff backs off and says that the credit page will stay. Triggered people are even more pissed. LazyLily comes to 8chans aid because apparently they support the use of Nazi memes. Thread gets locked, but apparently LazyLily and 8chan have much thinner skin than assumed and go through with the takedown of their works.

Edit: Not Nez' decision, only relaying message from staff.

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I'm gonna correct you on something, I did not make any of the decisions whether the credits page stayed or not. It was simply my job to communicate that to the members.

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Weep everyone, for the totally not-nazis who insist on using nazi imagery and threatening websites who don't really want nazi imagery on their stuff. Also for transphobic idiots, unsurprisingly.

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I'm sorry to whatever decent people may have been inconvenienced/hurt by me getting stubborn/angry about this, tho I do not think I was wrong to do so. When people start saying that whites and people of color having children together is part of a conspiracy to undermine the white race, it becomes rather clear that their identifying with nazi imagery isn't as ironic as they'd want you to believe. I think people need to have a basic things they're willing to take a stand for, in this case that nazis are unacceptable, but to be honest it still never feels good to get so angry nor does it ever feel good to know I caused trouble for decent people. It sucks that Dynasty-Scans will be losing some yuri, but I do think its worth it simply to take a very basic moral stance. That the moment you start pushing nazism in your scanlations is the moment you've crossed a very serious line and something will be done about that. Anyway, I'm sure a lot of folks hate me so I'll go dark for a while I guess.

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A more in depth explanation will most likely be going up in the near future, possibly after we have the works all taken down. For the time being it would probably be for the best if we didn't go overboard with the speculation and criticisms in here, theres been some misinformation spread about the goings on here, so please try to hold off for the time being.

OK, I'll say that again. No more reviving of the old arguments or thread for the time being.

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I opened page before your post was there. I wasn't really going to say anything more, but you didn't have to remove my post.

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And this is why, people, we can't have nice things.

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Absolutely not the place to ask that AXC. Insanely off topic.

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It sucks that Dynasty-Scans will be losing some yuri

not alot from what i'm seeing (unless the takedown already started). 8chan only has 8 titles here. Lazy Lily has about 78 + images which is quite a bit more compared to 8chan but combined against the +17k in individual titles and +7k images it's not a lot. but at least Lazy Lily site, unlike 8chan site isn't a dated message board and has at least a RSS page to use (8chan has some downloaded .rss file but that's apparently for all smaller sites and entirely useless for a number of rss feed programs) and a proper list of new releases. from what i see of 8chan /u/ thread replies get pushed to the main page aswell which just makes things more convoluted

that said i've confirmed i've already downloaded everything that was posted here at least up until June 14th and after this announcement i prioritized anything in the past couple of months. this just now means i have to keep an eye on 2 more sites (one is a pain to use)

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Not to say you're wrong about the inconvenience of keeping up with releases there, but most of your complaints come down to 8ch being a messaging board. Unless I'm blind, the Dynasty forums don't have an RSS feed either and have topics bumped to the top with a single reply(though I don't think there's a post limit where the thread autolocks).

There's probably a list of releases somewhere, but I'd be surprised if it were any place other than Pastebin.

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I won't be getting into the nitty gritty details, but going into simple broad strokes isn't going to quite cut it in regards to understanding why things are the way they are now with the removal of their works. I won't be naming names.

After the release of Mermaid Lovers is when things started blowing up. The chapter itself was completely fine, however it was accompanied by a credits page that contained a mirrored Parteiadler depicting the 8chan site symbol instead of the swastika as well as containing a prominent panel with the text proclaiming "We're 'Ubermensch' Be careful not to stand out." This could have been be interpreted as typical -chan humor, but a forum member made it very clear that they did not like the imagery and thus made it known on the discussions thread for Mermaid Lovers. Having already made a name for themselves on the forums from other discussions, and also wielding a "Die Cis Scum" avatar, they were argued with by other users while the argument itself was mostly supported by others. Moderation was applied before the taking of the bait by the prominent forumgoer would spiral out of control.

Our deletion of infringing posts that came afterwards, from both sides, angered those who wanted to keep the credits page, as it was perceived we were treating our offending forum member with preferential treatment. Initially we were to receive a modified credits page, but negotiations broke down between us and the two groups separately as they requested the deletions, which they considered biased, stop or else they would have their works pulled. Things didn't calm down overnight as the forumgoer continued to instigate further drama after we had, at that point, stated that the page would stay. There then came some ethnic cleansing and gas chamber related posts by individuals connected to both 8chan's /u/ and Lazy Lily scanlations in hopes of stirring the pot. We ourselves had communication issues in relaying information and decisions and so things broke down even further. 8chan's /u/ wanted the credits page kept as a whole or else they would rather have everything off the site and Lazy Lily scanlations wanted their own works off the site in protest of how everything has been handled.

Thus, both group's works (with the exception of collaborations they've done with other groups such as 4chan's /u/ and Sexy Akiba Detectives) are to be taken down.

We are sad to see your efforts go; while we may strongly disagree on humor and internet conduct, yuri was the one thing keeping our separate groups in direct contact. Keep up the good work and I'm sorry things weren't resolved in a better fashion. Hopefully in the future we can to come to an agreement that works best for all of us and allow us to feature your works again.

Please visit https://8ch.net/u/ and http://lazylily.moe/ for their scanlations and discussions.

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As we are deleting by hand, the removal process will take a few days depending on how much available time we have.

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