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I've never even heard the name. Though after checking them out I can see why. They suck ass

I know right. They have maybe one song that isn't shit and it's called creep. It was used in the animated movie,"The Book of life."

And he/voice actor actually sung it better for the movie by slowing it down.

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It is good that I checked the comments because I didn’t get it at all. XD

Same. Finally, I get the joke. I figured she was distracted but I didn't want to assume by wearing yuri goggles. Ya know?

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I don’t think Mitsuki is in love with Aya yet. At least she is not aware of it. She references the whole situation as friendship issues, it is clear in her talks with Narita (Jerkface-kun). If romance was a factor, things would be much more complicated and she’d admit it to her confidant, even if they are not close — or we would at least have a thought from her indicating that she’s not 100% talking about friendship.
Mitsuki is dense. And your point is true: she thinks that Aya wouldn’t see her as a romantic option after knowing she’s a girl. So, why develop feelings? Mitsuki is not aware she also likes Aya, she doesn’t know it’s an option. Gloomy girl was too preoccupied with clearing out the misunderstanding and having a friend (or, as we see it, maintaining a relationship with someone who seems to really understand her — something special that she is only partly aware of).

I agree with this. ^^^ 100%
You said something I've thought about too. Like to her because Aya didn't know she was a girl it was easier to talk to her, plus Aya's interests in both Mitsuki and records kept her coming back etc. Even the Uncle was confused by their interaction when Aya wrote her number on Mitsuki (not knowing she was a she)

I don't think it'll be too quick of a resolution then into dating situation. The characters and the story would suffer if this were the case. Like you've said Aya also had to realize it doesn't matter the gender because it was Mitsuki she was attracted to the whole time. That's the constant. Mitsuki even as a boy or a girl. She's had a thing for Mitsuki this whole time. Example: That time Mitsuki became a prince by doing a kaedon (can't spell but you know what I mean).

She blushed and thought she saw a hint of the record store guy (or something right?) on an entirely different occasion.

So they're both kinda dense idiots LMAO

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I'm fine with the friendship thing as long as it's just a step and not the end :p

Considering their relationship this far, it make sense for them to start by resolving the immediate issue and take it slow rather than just rushing into things. Remember that Oosawa was feeling kinda "betrayed" by Mitsuki the past few days (or weeks ?)

Yeah, if she went straight for the confession here, it might push Aya away. It is definitely baby steps, but that line about craving more isn't meaningless, either. She's had a taste now, I'm betting the crush is gonna flare back up in earnest.

I'm cool with it too.

But yeah I laughed. Oh yeah just "friends" sure we believe you LMAO.

But yeah too sudden for a confession yet.

If anything I think that the uh forgot her name Aya (gal who frequently goes to record store) that she may be the ome to confess later on. It would take part time (I'm bad at names) record store girl by surprise and it would be funny to see her reaction. Lol like "OH, OH so that's what that was. Flirting? Never heard of it."

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Also, gonna put a better song for her to play instead of something from Radiohead (oh yeah, I said it).

I think Malmsten might be a bit advanced for her.

Fair enough. Let's start her out on a less intensive song to play, but still lyrically relevant.

You picked the best song! Dude awesome. XD It is a good choice. Even I thought RadioHead was weak. Like what? She could've said it was Bon Jovi. "Cause I'm cowboy and on a steel horse I ride. I'm wanted (wanted), dead or alive."

"I tried to be discreet, but then I blow it again." (Died in your arms tonight - I know not Bon Jovi)

"Ooooooh we're halfway there! Ooooh living on a prayer. Take my hand. I'll make it our swear."

Anyway, I agree with the song choices especially the last one y'all come up with. Great choice! (Link replies)

Or like an apology song. That would've been alright too.
Like Cavetown - Talk to me
"You don't have to be a hero to save the world
It doesn't make you a narcissist to love yourself
It feels like nothing is easy, it'll never be
That's alright, let it out, talk to me."

I mean ya know. It has a fitting title. And the guy is talking to a sad friend or girl in the song. Saying it's alright.
Then it could also have a meaning here of ,"Hey I fucked up and I'm sorry." And the main character has anxiety so it is a fitting song.

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It's not really depressing though, in the end there was hope. Just imagine visits and talks once Tsubame has time to figure out why Saori's touches always upset her. It's clear that Saori is head over heels, Tsubame just has to grow up a little to understand more. ^.^

These nice things have a certain way of not happening, unfortunately. Two people are sure they'll see each other again, but all it takes is for one party to fail to communicate a single time, for a relationship to evaporate.

"Sometimes a dream is just a dream, it feels so real for so long, and then, in an instant, it's gone."

The difference is, we don't see this failure. I prefer to think of it as something different.

In two months when Tsubame's dad returns, she's coaxed into visiting Saori (it really doesn't take much convincing). She's in awe of Tokyo, of how Saori still shines so brightly in the city. They make up no thanks to Tsubame's very awkward attempts.

Fast forward eight months. They've been keeping in contact, though Saori is busy. She's loving the city and her new acting troupe, but parts of her still miss Tsubame. She thinks maybe it's for the best, and soon she'll be able to move on. Not yet though; she's not in a hurry to get her heart broken again.

Tsubame, who always thought she'd be content in her village, itches to see Tokyo again. Well, that's how she interprets it. Soon she'll finish school, and maybe in the back of her mind is a niggling thought (that she doesn't acknowledge) that maybe Tokyo wouldn't be a bad place to live, at least for a little while. She decides to visit Saori again during the break.

It strikes Saori how much she still loves Tsubame, even after so many months of distance. She tries not to fall back into old traps, but Tsubame acclimates surprisingly well to Saori's odd schedule.

Tsubame has always loved watching Saori perform, but when she sits in on rehearsal and sees how Saori acts with another of the actresses, a kernel of jealousy grows in her heart. She doesn't understand it, not fully. It grows the longer she stays. The day before she's set to return home and she sees the other actress touching her Saori, it suddenly strikes her.

That night, Saori surprises her with strawberry tarts and Tsubame tries in her very awkward way to talk to Saori. It doesn't go well. Frustrated, Tsubame sees how red Saori's lips are from the strawberries and has an idea. The kiss is short, but both girls are blushing furiously. Tsubame makes an awkward comment about how it looked like Saori's lip was bleeding.

Saori kisses her again.

The end scene would be Tsubame grinning on the train home - until someone notices her. She stops for a moment, but then goes right back to smiling. Her heart is full, and she's decided to apply to some schools in Tokyo after all. Who knows what kind of trouble Saori would get to on her own.

Ahem, anyway, that's how I like to think of it.

Thank you so much for this! I needed a good end. T.T

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The second part kinda ruined it for me. I thought/hoped that this would be one of the rare stories where people actually move on with their lives and find happiness elsewhere, but nope, it's just another "they're stuck together now" ending. I feel like these toxic relationship endings are simply not as interesting or original as authors seem to think? And this particular story had also used the classic bi player trope—which I really wish would die already—so overall... somewhat disappointing to me.


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Oh off topic, but how do I get my username changed on here? This account is pretty old from when I was in middle school so maybe 10 or 12 years old. I'd like to change it to CrazedFanatic if possible, or Random_Fanatic if the other one is taken.

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Okay, so mixed feelings. It feels like they kind of Villainized bisexual women. I don't know man like yeah some people from every sexuality (pan, bi, straight, lesbian, gay, and etc) can be players, but it seems like senpai was just living their life. She wasn't bothering anyone and even got shit for it (guy almost hitting her for saying not interested). I don't think Chihiro was really emotionally mature and was too fixated on senpai. This is on Chihiro more than senpai. Senpai was being herself. (Though and don't get me wrong I've been and experienced what it's like to be a Chihiro part 1 Chihiro only. I never went player for kicks.) Senpai was pretty open about how she viewed people and relationships as a pain. She didn't want to put in the effort. Or change if someone asked her to. She thought that was freedom.
Yeah, it was shitty of senpai to cancel their plans last minute, but so many people put their dates/bfs/gfs before their friends and even their families. So I mean I can and can't fault her for that. If it happens more than a few times though I would be pretty pissed and wouldn't make plans with them at all.
But Chihiro kept hoping she'd change. That was all on Chihiro. Senpai never said she'd stop, never said anything that would make them closer besides the casual "Wanna go to a hotel?", it was more like she wanted to see if Chihiro was like the others or a test to see how long it would take before she said,"Yes" and what it would look like. Senpai was even a little disappointed (in my opinion) she was like,"I knew it. You're always like that." As if Chihiro not changing and giving in to senpai was so predictable.

That's for part one.

Now part two:
I believe Senpai deserves better. I mean like I said before she isn't a villian, she's just human, and she liked sleeping around as is her right as an individual/person.
Chihiro went all bent out of shape and broke other girls hearts like senpai in a warped attempt to forget, and never forget senpai by acting like her.
This was neither a shock or a development for me. I was like yeah figures. Can't have someone be healthy, get heartbroken, and then continue to be healthy/themselves. No no gotta go for crazy bītćh or nothing.
Seriously, she was just breaking girls hearts that looked like senpai to get back at her?? Like gurl get some therapy. Or move?! Maybe move?

I thought she had gone overseas or something to have a change of scenery that would've been nice. Then have them "meet" at a company party where everyone even the board of trustees attends.
Or if they wanted a "bad end" they could've had Chihiro married to a Canadian or some shit. Like "You had your chance and now I'm taken" oops XD ya know?
Or the friend on the train talk about how awesome their boss is and that their wife is quite the looker. Or something ya know.

I definitely didn't think the end was anything great. Chihiro just couldn't handle rejection, or not getting her way cause really they were never in a relationship, relationship for her to feel like she was owned something out of her friendship with senpai.
That's really what the story's about: Chihiro's gay ass needs therapy. Lots of it!

Senpai was just living her life, her way and then she changed her mind. That's growth.

Chihiro was a literal pouty child all throughout and then decided fuck it I'll wreck people's hearts since they/senpai didn't want me as I was. I was ready to love them, and so fuck them it's too late.

Which is weird cause I think Chihiro still likes senpai and never really stopped, but she's too into her new persona to want to be a good GF to senpai. She like thought about it for two seconds and decided to ignore it... cause maybe being vulnerable again is too painful for her?
That's all I can think about.

Then she gets all macho and she's like oh interesting you like me the same way as I did back then? Okay, then time for your heart to be broken. Like what? Senpai never tried kissing Chihiro or being romantic with them (in part one), so this is just all kinds of fucked and she doesn't (Chihiro) understand that she wasn't owned anything back then and she thinks because she was "wronged" that she can act this way... that's just not sitting well with me.
Chihiro is worse than all the other people senpai used to sleep around with simply because of this victim mentality when she wasn't abused, just not "chosen". If senpai had used her to crash at her house, for sex, to hit her, or to buy her meals then maybe I could how that ending would make sense but in this context it's just waaaaaaay off. Not even good. Chihiro is fucked up, was fucked up, and she never changed her mentality or made peace with not being chosen by a pretty girl.
Senpai for the win guys. She is best girl in both chapters. Just trying to live her life, her way. She deserves better!

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Dude this is story is awesome! I really like it. I'm glad I found a vampire yuri that doesn't make me groan. For real Mira's vamps were just a no from me. Anyway, I will definitely read until the end. No matter what! 100%

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So, the reason behind the older girls’ double takes: because she’s just so darned adorable, or because she’s the Orphan with Distinguished Parents (who she physically resembles)?

Also, in regard to the “Let me touch you!” “Not there!” scene:

So did things escalate quickly into Schlick City (almost impossible), was this a prelude to the haircut in some way, or something else?

Otherwise (or in addition), passes inspection all around. More, please.

That scene also did not sit right with me... Made me think of another manga really shitty too.. "Paradise something" it had to do with a "complex" we live to serve men BS and it basically ended with the tormented forgiving their abusers...

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Totally looking forward to more! I do like that it's a pure take on an age gap. I read a few or have read a few. This one seems very interesting and adorable.

I'm glad it isn't the angst or outrageous like some others cough cough I'm looking at you My Dear Teacher and Hoshikawa Ginza District 4 (outrageous).

High school age gap is acceptable to an extend, but Ginza had a teacher being romantic with a middle schooler... That I could not approve of. Like if it were two adults or even a 17 year old then frenching would be acceptable but using tongue and beyond with a middle schooler is just gross. I don't even care that it's fictional. Just no.

Adult is 18 and over (mostly cause I'm American).

More to the point: That's why I DO LIKE THIS MANGA. Because it's really sweet in a way and wholesome.
Hopefully it stays comical and lighthearted cause it does these two things well.

I hope it moves the focus and that we get to see Misumi grow up (18/20) so they can be more open about their relationship. They do seem happy and that to me is important and it seems more like to idiot friends hanging out (idiot as in like silly not to be taken offensively) and having butterflies lol

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us yuri fans should really have a proper name like the fujoshis do!

Something like this? Although like fujoshi, it only applies to female fans.

Dude yeees that is hilarious hahahahahahaha
I usually just say yuri fangirl. GL too is used. Fan of GL

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I was like, good, good. Going the wholesome route, she is a minor, after all.
Then she forces her to grab her breast! Whoops! Too far! Sirens! A kiss!
The tension makes it exciting, haha.

Saaaame! Dude I was like Noooo Ai-san!?! You're better than that. If it were truly for the heartbeat she could've placed it more in the upper middle (in the middle of collarbone and breast) the heart sits closer to the left side but still in the middle of the chest. I would have accepted a sudden hug, but hey what can ya do. The kiss I approved of but the sudden forced groping was like WOAH FBI OPEN UP XDDDDDD

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This was beautiful! Finally, a story where a engaged woman doesn't cheat and lie then still gets married.
This was sooooo wholesome! I love it!
:) She chose love, and not living according to tradition, expectations, or norms. :')

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Yessssss! Loved the continuation! And that past life one shot thing with Yume and Sakina was so cuuuute.
Bruh, I loved the Katra story different but still as interesting as the first two. My dude I would say cause it gives us closure on how everything ended up that it's my favorite one now. :)
Kidaha and Lo going out together on a lifetime trip.
Katra realizing her feelings for Hifuri (bad at names okay lol) Just completely a great story. Definitely, liked it a lot.

Edit P.S.

Annnnd! Sakina being chief. It was just so fitting and yet a shock. I had no clue she was gonna be chief so when she was surprised I was too XD

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Yes! I can't believe how much I liked this. I mean yeah I like biting (as a kink and in writing) but the tongue...Yikes but then again had a scene where Kuro got her tongue bit super bad. I actually cringed with pain when I saw it in Black & White. This was waaaay better at least for me. It was after all what she wanted and she enjoyed it. That part about her doctor not being surprised was kinda hilarious. Cause one Asano san totally was checking up on her M and I thought that was a nice moment. I like this wholesome bdsm stuff. It's always nice to have communication and even when M (can't remember her name at the moment) asked if Asano was okay with their relationship. That was awesome! Overall this was pretty good. I did not mind the puking or finger licking. Who cares if it's her own puke the point was that the game was a foot. Also, also totally agree with all you about it being nice to have a supportive male friend. That was like so awesome man. Nor did he want to make her uncomfortable. That's so great!

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I personally liked it! I have my own issues and I think that like some people said this is only tye beginning of Kuro's healing process.
The inner child thing is so true though. You guys should look up a psychology video called the inner child 30 therapy challenge (thumbnail image of stuffed dog). But for those who aren't going to look it up. Basically it talks about how people with overactive defenses, trauma, and etc. How they are very guarded and when they react to remember to ground themselves in the present while thinking actively on what made them react and trying to understand why it happened and how to soothe themselves or that it's a bigger problem that they'll have to tackle when they have time to. It helps people practice mindfulness and taking a pause (paws cause the dog or object is used as an anchor and a symbol of what your inner child is telling you).

Anyway, I liked it a lot (this chapter). Seriously, and I'm thrilled that Nanaki didn't try to kiss Kuro. She hugged and consoled her even though she was still hurting herself. She even almost didn't wanna open the door. There was definitely some hesitation (I saw anyway). But she knew she wanted to talk to Kuro.

I'm looking forward to the end and if it is a "bad end" I'll pretend this is the end LOL
Yeah know with actual communication and sharing like Nanaki said,"You're finally sharing your problems with me." She even said she knew she was mean to Kuro. This is good. That she didn't say oh lol that was the old me so it doesn't count. She held herself accountable and that takes a lot for anyone to admit they're wrong or a bully.

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OMG! I love you and this community. Just yes! Finally I won't hate these damn ads I'll laugh and think of this mini oneshot. I'm all about this! Yuri is life guys :)

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My God yessss! I loved this wholesome story. F*çk yes my dudes. I like it when the author makes stories like this.
:) Nice change from their usual style.

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AHHHH! FINALLY! BUT ALSO cliffhangers like this should be illegal XD I'm joking okay DX and yeah I agree with what someone else said a confession and no kiss would've been better. ...

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No spoilers but yeah guys for read it on manga katana they're up to Chapter 17.1... No spoilers.

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oh my two chapters in the same month! what a treat!

I know right! It's amazing!

VAMPEERZ discussion 22 Jan 14:12
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Yessssssss! Finally some good old fashion yuri content. XD Hahaha I thought for sure this chapter was gonna be her waking up from a dream but hey it's canon and I'm happy :)

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I think it is Yuri. I mean they could've been more violent but it seemed less about hurting one another and more about letting out their frustrations. She was upset that the boss didn't listen to her about Kayo. She even hid her bags from her to surprise "attack". That time she bit her tongue seemed worse to me cause it was bloodier and a more delicate organ than the skin. Kayo was looking for Junko. If she really hated her she wouldn't do that and would've just gone home. Although I think it was more for her to gloat that she ruined Junko's plans. 8pm is pretty late to stay at work if they're office workers then about 6am or 8am until 2pm or 4pm even 5pm if they start at 9am but until 8pm? That is really late for their type of work. Most businesses close before 8pm if they're offices. She (Kayo) wanted to see her (Junko) to talk, tease, or argue with. She even looked a little disappointed before she was pulled into the room and the door was locked.

I don't know how to use the black bar to block it so sorry.



You have been warned if you didn't look at the next chapter don't keep reading.


They seem to start living next to each other. So they'll see each other more often XD

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