Also known as Soramimi

Feline Fun Monogatari Doujin released Sep 29 '13 Hitagi x Tsubasa Lots of sex NSFW Yuri
Fleurir by Bunong and Mytyl Original Doujin released Oct 21 '13 Big breasts Bisexual Childhood friends Lolicon Lots of sex NSFW Player School girl Tomboy Yuri
lesson!! K-ON! Doujin released Oct 25 '13 Comedy Lots of sex Mio x Ritsu NSFW Yuri
Devi & En Chu Pripara Doujin released Jul 26 '16 Aroma x Mikan Lolicon Lots of kissing Moderate amounts of sex NSFW Yuri
How to Get a Certain First to Fall Asleep Lycoris Recoil Doujin released Jun 10 '24 Chisato x Takina Moderate amounts of sex NSFW Navel play Yuri