Love Flicker by Takemiya Jin — Completed


Published in July 2010, Lover Flicker is Takemiya Jin's first volume for Yuri-hime collects works from March 2009–March 2010—including her debut work (and winner of the Ichiijinsha's Yuri-Hime division award), "All My Love And Lies".

All My Love And Lies released Jul 6 '10 Aaaaaangst Glasses Love triangle School life
Always released Jul 1 '11 Childhood friends Glasses School life Sequel
Adorable to Me released Oct 25 '11 Drama Romance School life
Worrying released Oct 28 '11 School life Sequel
Delicious Time released Aug 1 '14 Age gap Bread Food
Spike Girls released Sep 30 '14 School life Sports
Sweet Sweet Sweet released Oct 8 '14 School life