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Also known as Pocky kiss

Matsuri's Pocky Game with Miruki by Miboshi Waccha Primagi! Doujin released Nov 15 '21 Blushing Full colour Matsuri x Miruki Pocky game Yuri
Liella's Pocky Day by Mezashi Love Live! Superstar!! Doujin released Nov 11 '21 Keke x Sumire Pocky game Yuri
Jimo Ai Pocky Day by Aytk Gl Love Live! Sunshine!! Doujin released Aug 12 '21 Pocky game Yoshiko x You Yuri
A Cute Guy ch07 by Tatsubon released Jan 27 '21 Blushing Comedy Cross-dressing Delinquent Het Pocky game Romance Wholesome
NicoEli and Pocky by Shiono Maki Love Live! Doujin released Jan 21 '21 Eli x Nico Pocky game Yuri
TaeRimi Pocky Game 2019 by EbitenSushi BanG Dream! Doujin released Jan 4 '21 Pocky game Rimi x Tae Yuri
Oni Pocky Day by Titiduki Fate/X Doujin released Jan 4 '21 Ibaraki Douji x Shuten Douji Pocky game Yuri
LisaYukina by Hakuma_SIM BanG Dream! Doujin released Dec 30 '20 Comedy Lisa x Yukina Pocky game School girl Yuri
Yohane's Hololive Twitter Shorts ch60: Doesn't seem like she can do it. by Yohane Virtual Youtuber Doujin and hololive Doujin released Dec 23 '20 Comedy Fubuki x Matsuri Pocky game
SetsuKasu Pocky Game by esakigabriel Love Live! Nijigasaki Academy School Idol Club Doujin released Dec 19 '20 Kasumi x Setsuna Pocky game Yuri
Kusanagi-Sensei is Being Tested ch12 by Yasuda Kousuke released Dec 12 '20 4-koma Age gap Blushing Comedy Pocky game Student x Teacher Yuri
A Succubus Yuri Story: Pocky Game by Shiratama Mochi Original Doujin released Nov 11 '20 Demon Pocky game School life Supernatural Yuri
Namekawa-san Won't Be Bullied (web ver.) ch03: Namekawa-san Doesn't Want to be Mocked For Eating in Class by Ato Rie released Nov 1 '20 Comedy Delinquent Ecchi Glasses Harem Molestation Pocky game Romance School life Yuri
Can a Guy Like Me Be a Maid? ch03 by Koshou released Oct 29 '20 Childhood friends Comedy Cross-dressing Maid Pocky game
Our Days Under One Roof ch03 by Inui Ayu released Apr 13 '20 Adult life Autobiographical Comedy Couple life Mangaka Pocky game Romance Slice of life Wholesome Yuri
Yuri Couple ch02 by Waflove released Jan 6 '20 404: Men Not Found Blushing Comedy Full colour Lots of hugging Lots of kissing Moe up the butt Pocky game Romance School girl Slice of life Wholesome Yuri
Helping Matsuzaka-sensei Practice for her Date by Shinu Crayon Shin-chan Doujin released Dec 28 '19 Midori x Ume Pocky game Read left to right Yuri
SerKaba Pocky Game by Nekonyan Kemono Friends Doujin released Dec 16 '19 Comedy Full colour Kaban x Serval Pocky game Yuri
Unrequited Yuri Love ch01: Straw by Yurikago released Oct 28 '19 Childhood friends Comedy Pocky game Romance School life Slice of life Yuri
A Room For Two ch39 by Yukiko released Jan 21 '19 4-koma Adult life College Comedy Couple life Pocky game Princess carry Romance Roommates School girl School life Slice of life Wholesome Yuri
IA x Yukari Pocky Day by Tei fujo VOCALOID Doujin released Nov 11 '18 Full colour IA x Yukari No text Pocky game Yuri
YouRiko Valentine by Surfing Orange Love Live! Sunshine!! Doujin released Aug 27 '18 Long strip Pocky game Read left to right Riko x You Valentine's Yuri
Kakegurui - Yorozu: Official Comic Anthology ch09: Sayaka and Yumeko's Love Gamble by Tachi Kakegurui Doujin released May 12 '18 Comedy Kirari x Sayaka Official Pocky game Sayaka x Yumeko School life Yuri
Nukumori no Mori by Kurogane Ken Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions Doujin released Mar 24 '18 Comedy Dekomori x Nibutani Lots of kissing NSFW Pocky game Yuri
Spring by Okeya K-ON! Doujin released Dec 19 '17 Comedy Mio x Ritsu Pocky game Yuri