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Cat-like Senpai and Dog-like Kouhai by Shimi Iriko Original Doujin released Mar 24 '21 Blushing Full colour Kuudere Moe up the butt School girl Wholesome Yuri
My Best Friend Has Excitement Deficiency Syndrome by Kawauchi released Jan 25 '21 Kabedon Kuudere School girl Yuri
LOVE ADVENT by Kurage Modoki BanG Dream! Doujin released Sep 23 '19 Comedy Kuudere Lisa x Yukina School girl Yuri
Can I Put You On The Spot by Momono Moto released Jan 13 '18 Blushing Kuudere School girl Yuri
Love Letters by Shii Hirone released Jan 3 '17 Aaaaaangst Drama Kuudere Romance School girl Yuri
One Who Depicts Love by Yotsuhara Furiko released Oct 6 '14 Delinquent Drama Kuudere School life Yuri
The Love Jellyfish Sting by Sukoyaka released Jun 2 '10 Childhood friends Comedy Drugs Kuudere Romance School life Supernatural Yuri