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Remilia's Onsen Reconnaissance by FLIPFLOPs Touhou Project Doujin released Sep 20 '18 Comedy Hot spring
A book where Kaede-san and Shuga make out covered in pee by Suzu no Oka The Idolmaster Doujin released Aug 21 '18 Drunk Hot spring Kaede x Shin Lots of sex NSFW Watersports Yuri
Sympathy for the Devil by Renga Nanoha Doujin released Apr 11 '18 Comedy Ecchi Hot spring
Staggeringly Hopelessly Unbelievably Dark-Gray by Fuantei Touhou Project Doujin released Jul 27 '17 Comedy Ecchi Hot spring
Kanade, Shall We Take A Bath? by Romi The Idolmaster Doujin released Jan 31 '17 Bath Fumika x Kanade Hot spring Moderate amounts of sex NSFW Yuri
Love Love Sandiawich by Yuni Love Live! Sunshine!! Doujin released Jan 1 '17 Dia x Kanan x Mari Hot spring Moderate amounts of sex NSFW Polyamory Threesome Yuri
Dangerous Hot Spring by Naoya Ishikawa Kuttsukiboshi Doujin released May 3 '16 Bath Full colour Hot spring NSFW Official Watersports Yuri
Touhou Onsen by Tsukiwani Touhou Project Doujin released Jan 6 '16 Comedy Ecchi Hot spring
Keep Your Promise During Our Date at the Hot Spring by Neko no Sakegoto Touhou Project Doujin released Feb 2 '15 Alice x Marisa Comedy Ecchi Hot spring Nosebleed Yuri
Sweet Bath Time by Ooshima Tomo PreCure Doujin released Apr 28 '13 Akane x Nao Akane x Reika Hot spring Lots of sex NSFW Nao x Reika Threesome Yuri
Staying Up Late Tonight - and a Great Victory in the Bath by MASULAO MAXIMUM and Sagamani Nanoha Doujin released Mar 1 '12 Comedy Hot spring NSFW Nanoha x Fate Yuri
A Devil's Mischief by Memoria Touhou Project Doujin released Jan 7 '10 Hot spring Moderate amounts of sex NSFW Patchouli x Koakuma Yuri
Hot For You by Minami Q-ta released Jul 30 '05 Gender bender Hot spring NSFW Non-moe art Yuri