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Also known as Personification and Humanization

Office Lady and Cat by Anponta Original Doujin released Aug 1 '20 Animal ears Anthromorphication NSFW Office lady Yuri
My cat became a cute girl? by Takeshima Eku released Jun 19 '19 Animal ears Anthromorphication Food Supernatural Yuri
Mint & Chocolate by nihoasixxx Original Doujin released Sep 30 '18 Anthromorphication Food Full colour Ice cream Yuri
My PC and iPhone seemed like they were friends with benefits so I made a comic out of it by Kurukuru Hime Original Doujin released Sep 24 '18 Anthromorphication Glasses Phone sex Yuri
My Cat Turning Into a Human Was a Little Different From What I Had Imagined by Taiyaki Original Doujin released Jan 19 '18 Animal ears Anthromorphication Comedy Subtext Supernatural
Anthropomorphized Bunny Love by Suzuki Senpai Original Doujin released Dec 2 '17 Animal ears Anthromorphication Comedy Ecchi Supernatural Yuri