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Also known as Period

A Lazy Guy Woke Up as a Girl One Morning ch8.1: A Bonus Chapter Only in the Volume 1 by Kobayashi Kina released Oct 9 '19 Comedy Gender bender Het Menstruation Moe up the butt School life Wholesome
Aches and Pains by Ume (APRICO*) The Idolmaster Doujin released Dec 7 '17 Menstruation Natsuki x Riina Yuri
Carmilla x Gudako Fan Comic by Color-LES Fate/X Doujin released Jul 7 '17 Carmilla x Gudako Menstruation NSFW Read left to right Yuri
I’m Happy that You’re Here by KirororO Touhou Project Doujin released Apr 12 '17 Menstruation Sakuya x Remilia Yuri
Reimu x Remilia Untitled H-Manga by Saku Saku Tei Touhou Project Doujin released Oct 21 '16 Menstruation NSFW Reimu x Remilia Yuri
oo Play ga Mitaindesu!! by Tatakai no Kiseki Touhou Project Doujin released Mar 7 '13 Alice x Sakuya Menstruation Moderate amounts of sex NSFW Yuri