The Guy She Was Interested in Wasn't a Guy At All by Arai Sumiko Original Doujin — Ongoing

Chapter 1: The Guy She's Interested in Wasn't a Guy At All released Apr 11 '22
Chapter 2: The Guy She's Interested in Wasn't a Guy At All - Part 2 released May 4 '22
Chapter 3: She Made a Pass at a Girl From Her Class on Impulse released May 5 '22
Chapter 4: A Gyaru Who Hasn’t Yet Figured Out That the Person She’s Interested in Is a Girl released May 5 '22
Chapter 5: His Niece Is Being Hit On by a JK. released May 8 '22
Chapter 6: A Girl Troubled by Being Hit On by a Girl. released May 15 '22
Chapter 7: The Phone Call With Her Crush (A Girl) Isn’t Going Well at All released May 22 '22
Chapter 8: The Type of Girl Who Makes a Pass When She's Panicking released May 29 '22
Chapter 9: She Doesn't Have Friends, but She Felt Happy All the Same released Jun 5 '22
Chapter 9.1: Character Bios released Jun 12 '22
Chapter 10: For the Sake of Her Crush (Actually a Girl), She Wants to Look Cute released Jun 19 '22
Chapter 10.1: The Two of Them After Being Caught in the Rain released Jul 17 '22 Smell
Chapter 11: Along With Fever Comes Thirst. released Jun 26 '22
Chapter 12: He Wants to Keep Watch Over His Niece And the JK released Jul 3 '22
Chapter 13: Girls With an Extreme Gap released Jul 10 '22
Chapter 14: Today Too, the Gyaru Is Involved With the Gloomy Girl released Jul 24 '22
Chapter 15: The Gloomy Girl in My Class Was Super Cool released Jul 31 '22 Kabedon
Chapter 16: The Voice of Her Crush (Actually a Girl) Is Unforgettable released Aug 7 '22
Chapter 17: Caught in The Storm released Aug 14 '22
Chapter 18: The Guy She Was Interested in Wasn't a Guy At All released Aug 21 '22
Chapter 18.1: The Two of Them Shopping on a Day Off, Five Years From Now (Hopefully) released Aug 27 '22
Chapter 19: A New Semester of Don't Ask, Don't Tell released Sep 4 '22
Chapter 20: When It Comes to His Niece, There’s No Spending Too Much released Sep 11 '22
Chapter 21: Come On, Just Face Her. released Sep 18 '22 Kabedon
Chapter 22: The Girl at the CD Store released Sep 25 '22 Aaaaaangst
Chapter 22.1: Maybe It Would Be Like This if the Two of Them Moved in Together... Do Your Best! released Oct 2 '22
Chapter 23: Stop Right There! released Oct 9 '22 Aaaaaangst
Chapter 24: I'll Keep Chasing You! released Oct 16 '22 Kabedon
Chapter 25: Feels Like a Dream released Oct 23 '22
Chapter 26: The Guy She Liked Was a Girl Friend. released Oct 30 '22
Chapter 26.1: I Kind of Wanted to Make Some Goods That These Two Might Have... released Nov 6 '22
Chapter 27: I’m the Only One Who Knows Who My Crush (A Girl) Is. released Nov 13 '22
Chapter 28: Someone's Going to Get Blinded released Nov 20 '22 Wholesome
Chapter 29: She’s the Only One I Refuse to Share. released Nov 27 '22