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March 2018
Eve and Eve by Nagashiro Rouge released Mar 24 '18 Drama Marriage NSFW Philosophical Romance Sci-fi Space Yuri
Top? Bottom? A Three-Round Bout! by Nagashiro Rouge released Mar 7 '18 Comedy Height gap Kabedon School girl Yuri
February 2018
The Sunset, Aromas, and the Signs of Love by Yuzuhara Moke released Feb 26 '18 Age gap School girl Yuri
Untitled by Bon Touhou Project Doujin released Feb 18 '18 Alice x Reimu Cheating Drunk Ecchi Lots of kissing Marisa x Reimu Yuri
What Ties Me to the World by Rokuroichi released Feb 15 '18 Age gap Drama Moderate amounts of sex NSFW Romance School girl Yuri
Mousou Artifact by Takemiya Jin released Feb 8 '18 Idol Mangaka Sequel Yuri
My Story of Being Loved by Mei Fujimatsu released Feb 1 '18 Adult life Yuri
January 2018
Honey Method / The Girls' Party by Chisako released Jan 13 '18 Adult life Bisexual Tomboy Yuri
Eiko and Leeza's Situation by Nagashiro Rouge released Jan 2 '18 Hadaka apron Mangaka NSFW Robot Yuri
December 2017
Back Alley Romance by Kumo Suzume released Dec 16 '17 Yuri
Yuurii by Mountain Pukuichi released Dec 2 '17 Ghost School girl Supernatural Yuri
November 2017
The Second Unfaithful by Nagashiro Rouge released Nov 23 '17 Adult life Cheating NSFW Yuri
Men Men Musubi by Yodokawa released Nov 18 '17 Adult life Office lady Yuri