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I wonder why I haven't proclaim my love for this masterpiece.
Maybe because I just couldn't sort out my emotions, for I have so many things that I want to say, so many things that I want to do for this, if only I have that power. . .

Everytime I get the feeling of not having enough yuri to read, I mean not finding something that could satisfy my hunger for yuri, or just feeling like the world is full of crap, I always find myself coming back to Marimite, be it the light novels, the anime or the manga.

I just actually became a yuri fanatic around the start of this year, I can't even remember what lead me to the word yuri, searched it in google, then I just found myself in the world of yuri, and for the first time I don't want to get out of this world, having that awesome feeling and so many other things.

Yes, I can't really recall what was the first yuri anime (yes, I started out with anime) I've watched, whether it's mainly yuri or not, subtext or canon. But I'm sure that I watched Strawberry Panic first, for the stupid reason of it having shorter episodes than Marimite, telling myself that I want to get over it asap, yeah, I just want to tell myself that I'm done watching it, stupid me. Do I need to tell that I was hooked?

And so this I am sure, I watched Maria-sama ga Miteru right after SP, finished all of it in one go! All the things about SP I've set aside, it became bleh to me (no offense to SP fans over Marimite), for Marimite snatched away my heart, took over not just my yuri world, but all of my anime world.

Now, I'm also not sure about this, but I believe that I went first to Lililicious site for the Marimite manga, and from there and then on, I read all of their mangas. I also just found myself here in Dynasty, I don't know what was the first manga I've read, but again, I strongly believe it was the Marimite manga, again! Rereading for the nth time.

I don't really know how to end this post, so I'll just fade away and continue reading and watching for now.

I just have to say this selfish wish list:
I really hope that they will decide to have Marimite season 5. And more.
I really wish someone will continue to translate (or help the current translator) of the light novel posted in baka-tsukki.
I wish to purchase legal copies of Marimite-everything when I get to be self-sufficient and get to learn Japanese.
Yeah, someday, I will. I have to. At least until before I die.

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where is this at in relation to the anime?

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@palakangorange: Your post and you make me remember my precious time when I was watching Marimite every week day nights. I was so anticipated and anxious, yet blissful to wait and watch the Anime on Animax, although that time I was in my last year at secondary school.

I hope to see the beautiful, elegant ending of this series tho. The novel is in Japanese so...~_~

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I was searching for an old yuri manga series and found this and it was a great read. Loved this more than strawberry panic. Why did I never come across this, and it's dropped too? But Yumi and Sachiko didn't even kiss yet ;_;
I love the drama, it's so good >///<

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I just started this series a few days ago, and i absolutely love it.Great story, great yuri, great characters (i especially love Satou Rei) i'm now at season 2 at the end, and there's still 2 things that are bothering me.First, that pairings that i shipped were immediately destroyed! 'Cuz they found another love or so.Second, that it goes TOO slowly with Sachiko and Yumi - aren't they the main pairing? So why is it processing so slowly? It feels like that they just spend a bit of time together, and then it's immediately switched to the other characters and their problems.ANNOYING! But still, i have to finish it.But i honestly hope that it isn't dropped though? I haven't informed myself yet, but i just know that it has 4 seasons - maybe that's why i haven't heard of this yet, because it's canceled...hopefully not, but still - a lovely series.

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  1. This manga is an one of adaptations for a novel series of same name.
  2. Novels series has some of it's volumes/chapters fan-translated, with varied quality, AFAIK, it's not licensed in english.
  3. The most complete translated adaptation to date is the anime one, featuring 4 seasons of 13,13, 5 and 13 episodes, respectively, plus assorted comedy specials. All of it is licensed in english, on DVD.
  4. While it's often tagged yuri, it doesn't actually feature much of the kind of relationship modern yuri fanbase has came to expect, one with explicit sexual component, focusing instead on emotionally intense romantic friendships within a codified "soueur system". So it you are watching/reading solely in anticipation of a kiss, temper your expectations. Or look to fanworks.
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For all of its yuri teasing and such, and the fact that the manga just cuts off at a random point, I find it incredibly charming and re-read it periodically. It doesn't really matter to me if none of them explicitly get together on screen, since the interactions that do happen are so good.

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It is okay.

Disappointing tbh.

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I know that this is going to annoy people.
I have to admit that I...just don't consider this proper Yuri. It's just...full of relationships that ultimately aren't romantic, and even if you view them in a romantic light, it's all just subtext. This isn't to say I think it's bad, because I don't; I just don't think it's full-fledged Yuri.

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At the very least Sei is an obvious lesbian, and you can probably look at Yoshino and Rei's relationship as not entirely platonic or familial due to how jealous they constantly get over each other. Everyone else's relationships are quite grey, especially Sachiko and Yumi due to Sachiko's upbringing and the very nature of an all-girl's school.

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I'm pretty sure Sachiko's an outright lesbian. The whole aversion to men thing is just too convenient and sounds like a cover story to me.

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I'm pretty sure Sachiko's an outright lesbian. The whole aversion to men thing is just too convenient and sounds like a cover story to me.

And Yumi only has eyes for her Onee-sama

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I'm pretty sure Sachiko's an outright lesbian. The whole aversion to men thing is just too convenient and sounds like a cover story to me.

I might be mistaken, it was a long time since I re-watched Marimite, but IIRC, Sachiko's distrust of men came from most of her male relatives' infidelity. They all had mistresses in addition to wives. Then her arranged marriage with Kashiwagi was soured by him revealing his gayness, explaining that while he will comply to marital duty, all the fun will be had with his lover(s) on the side. She really liked him until that moment and probably felt very betrayed.

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Mariamite is more on shoujo ai than Yuri I think but anyway it was my first Yuri be it on anime or manga. I thought that there was something weird with the characters and after seeing Sei's episode without the cuts I was really surprised. Those times themes about gay isn't shown much on TV yet and when Animax showed it I was really surprised and wondering if my father would come and turn off the TV every time I watch it. Lol. Good thing he doesn't like Anime or cartoons so he doesn't pay attention. I really like it though. Sex scenes aren't important for me. I'm a sucker for real good story so sex scenes are only good for me as long as it meant something. And Mariamite has shown relationship that are more important. Life nowadays are so fast. Like us old people say, people hooked up just from staring at each other. I like a relationship that are cultivated and gained from trust and real love. Maybe that's why I can pinpoint a few good manga from among hundreds I've read though I really wish I can read so many different languages that so I read any stories there is.
Anyways Mariamite has opened me to different other genres of manga and anime and not just Yuri. And I always come back to this and those few others that have special place in my heart when I feel like I can't read manga or watch anime anymore just because everything seemed redundant. Then after I go find another jewels again like this one so it was sort of like treasure hunting for a good story.

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I'm pretty sure Sachiko's an outright lesbian. The whole aversion to men thing is just too convenient and sounds like a cover story to me.

Given that, and that Sei repeatedly states she is a lesbian (and was suprised when Suguru wasn't apparently 100% gay like she was) and had a girl as a lover - then no wonder Sachiko was so easy to freak out over Yumi.

Contrariwise, I wonder if Yumi's transfer of so much affection to Touko was Yumi's way of "growing out of her girl's love phase" since, frankly, it's a big change in her character. Yes, she loves everyone, even her enemies, but her "love-love" had always been, first and foremost, Sachiko

Maybe Konno-sensei decided two-and-a-half lesbians (Sei and Shiori and a closeted Sachiko, or 3 ½ if you count Kanako) was enough. I always hoped Sachiko would marry Suguru and Yumi could live with them as Sachiko's secretary and "close companion."

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And finish, i reading the novel now and will take time but i feel kind of nostalgic how most simples stuff were sastifying for us

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