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Thanks Hideki.
All of the yuri doujins i could find were either already done or had the crustiest raw i've ever seen in my life so enjoy a literal decade old pixiv oneshot

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joined Oct 19, 2020

Maria and Beatrice at the end lmao

joined Oct 14, 2014

suddenly remembered all the cringey umineko fanart i drew when i was like 13

joined Mar 26, 2021

I gotta give props to those who solved the mystery by the end of Episode 4. I didn't have the patience to try and solve the whole thing by going back through all the previous Episodes and I just wanted to see where the story would go, so I only managed to solve it in the middle of Episode 7.

joined Sep 21, 2019

5 months sounds about right

joined Mar 6, 2021

don't listen to her lies she read all of it in a week and played splatoon the rest of the time

joined Apr 16, 2018

Maria and Beatrice at the end lmao

Actually the best part.

joined Jan 18, 2021

Mia, you have the best taste. And weirdest.
Thanks a lot, MishuHie

joined Apr 4, 2014

Ah yes my favorite character in the franchise...Chiesta 45

joined Jan 8, 2023

One of us! One of us! So excited that such an amazing scanlator has gotten into Umineko

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