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joined Jul 7, 2013

its cute but i just wishes he kiss some one and the end. boo!

joined Apr 4, 2012

i hoped for incest but oh well

Alice Cheshire Moderator
joined Nov 7, 2014

This was pretty interesting but I was kinda dissatisfied with the ending. It only somewhat hints that their relationship improved and really doesn't hint at all how things might be in the future.

joined Mar 28, 2015

It was becoming more interesting toward the end,... too bad it was cut short.

joined Sep 19, 2015

sooo short!!

joined Feb 28, 2015

Nice ,really nice but just like other cross-dressing things it has short and unclimatic ending.

joined Jan 23, 2016

I keep rereading this and I love it every time.

Who the hell thinks it's a good idea to go to 4chan for advice though?

joined Jul 11, 2017

It's a nice series... too bad it was cut short.

joined Jul 15, 2021

This was a cute/fun read... Most of the way through...

As a non-binary person, that ending sounds like the literal worst possible scenario

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