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This is nice

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Screamed when I realized there were no more pages. Seeing ch 01 makes me hopeful for more cuz goodness this single chapter got me incredibly invested.

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I love the vibe of this manga, the author clearly knew what to put down and what expressions to make to express the feeling of the manga. As the other said I'm invested, wao

joined Mar 22, 2019

cuz goodness this single chapter got me incredibly invested.

Same here, the author really knows how to pull you in their world huh

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Good stuff. Tae is the best.

joined Dec 1, 2016

this is really good and i'm not even into bandori

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Miso Tya are such a great author shame their works arent gerting translated much

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I'm only familiar with the anime but this does seem very in character at least on Otae's airheaded-ness (thinking that her heart skipped a beat was cause a ghost punched her chest for example). Even though I'm more of a KasuAri fan, I really like this

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when it arrived at the most spicyyyy part the chapter ended, what a slut (・–・;)ゞ

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This is honestly the most unique couple dynamic I've ever seen. I love it.

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Page 41: This is a real wagamama moment

OrangePekoe Admin
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Woahah this was awesome. Really great thing to suddenly release. The build-up and the poetry and all the rest. Really good stuff! Never saw Bandori, but Miso Tya has such neat writing, really looking forward to chapter 2!

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