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this one's good :)
why there's no discussion here XD

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Probably because it's not yuri.

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yuri or not it's a pretty good series, I just found it but I like it already

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Man, skimming through the first two chapters, Machina seems completely, utterly, and thoroughly unlikable as a protagonist. I get that she's being all dark and edgy to lure the bad guy here, but lay off will you? It's a bad sign when I'm rooting for the opponent to curbstomp you.

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Halfway interesting, it's like Full Metal Alchemist and Soul Eater combined, sort of. The little boy is annoying, little boys just can't seem to stay out of series with female leads that fight. Seems like he's the fanservice tool.

Alice Cheshire Moderator
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Minutoh posted:

Probably because it's not yuri.

Probably more a combination of the fact that most of the chapters are pretty old (most series of similar age have few to no comments) and the fact that it's incomplete.

The fact it's incomplete is the entire reason I haven't read it myself. I hate starting a series only for it to get dropped or abandoned. That's why I only read ones I'm reasonably confident will get completed. The rest I wait until they're complete first.

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Damn considering all of the buildup and loose ends that have yet to be resolved, it should be a given that it would have to continue on. Yet dang... it took nearly a decade to complete "Act 1". Is there any other raw chapters that the author has done, if anyone knows.

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