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A love that begins with a kiss... Having never kissed one must wonder how nice it must feel.

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That was refreshing

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Aww that what I needed this day T.T

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Huh, I knew this felt familiar
@Stan Miller and Hector was a Pup Scans, why was this retranslated?

Either they didn't know or wanted to do it better? I can see it's got some different wording and the scans are better- or at least seem a bit cleaner/crisper imo.

I really like it tho so not complaining - i'll reread it happily :)

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That was cute.

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Links posted:

Huh, I knew this felt familiar
@Stan Miller and Hector was a Pup Scans, why was this retranslated?

I can't speak for everyone involved but when I was proofreading/qcing it I just wrote off the sense of familiarity as it being another similar oneshot I'd read. And considering that the title was translated differently it's quite possible that the older version got overlooked.

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I can't believe they killed that poor guy twice!
Oh well, what matters is that we got our lesbian happy ending.

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Ah... I see my favourite chapter of that anthology got re-uploaded! (Albeit, under a slightly different title)

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Well this is a blast from the past

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This scan is definitely crisper than the previous one; that's the biggest improvement. I also like the translation slightly more, though the differences are admittedly fairly minor.

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It's okay to be gay everyone.

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awwww, i'm all for this cute shit

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I thought this was sequel.. too bad .

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Wholesome yuri is one of my favorites

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