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joined Oct 5, 2017

i felt that bite on MY neck and it was not a good feeling

joined Nov 18, 2017

Is it just me or are the proportions not looking right. Especially Sakura's leg on Page 1.

joined Oct 16, 2013

Yay finally some Ai x Sakura (was always my fave in zls) but coulda done without the cheating :/

joined Sep 23, 2017

Is a zombie after all but ouch

joined Jan 5, 2018

oh my

joined Aug 4, 2018

Yandere zombie.

joined May 30, 2013

This doesn't look like cheating since they both seem to know a lot about other people's sexual preferences. Seems just like one big open relationship to me.

joined Apr 20, 2013

This looks too much like a rough draft to me to fully enjoy, and I don't mean the bodies but the BG and the page lines for drafts in the corners, like someone took it too fast from the oven.
Nevertheless I loved page 1

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joined Jan 19, 2015

Does this still count as Biting or is it Chewing? xd

Random Wanderer
joined Dec 3, 2016

...Did she just bite a chunk out of Sakura's neck? O_o

joined Jul 12, 2012

Why is this so short!?

joined Jul 23, 2020

those are some large nipples

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