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My, I haven't seen a doujin of these two for a while, they were one of my first ships when I was young. (kid me will never forget*)
This one is pretty high quality too, I'm surprised!

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This is good stuff!

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A tag is missing, still a nice story

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I should condemn Kubo to eternal damnation for not making Yorusoi canon, but after x amount of years, I think I’m over it now.

This artist is awesome. There’s at least 2 more doujins with this couple that have gone untranslated. Hope to see those others down the line, too.

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My heart and soul needed this doujin. Thank you so much. This pair was never official, but we all knew it was meant to be. Also, yeah, the art is great and the dialog was fitting for the characters as well, this one shot can do no wrong! Please scanlate the other Yoruichi x Soifong works by this mangaka!

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Ah, a welcome rarity

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God I love this ship

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Wow, page 16 is pretty hot. That's not a position you see very often.

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Well this needs a sex tag.

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Just perfect, artwork looks good

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I wish there was more dark skin / light skin lesbian couples... Far to few for my taste.

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I like this pair and the oneshot, SoiFong was really cute before

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This was really nice
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oh god I remember shipping those two when I was a kid before knowing what yuri even was. even though I'm a straight male I've always shipped female characters together since the very beginning and never cared about dat waifu shit lol.

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Now this look a sigh of the past.
Shounen Jump is so conservative, i hope i eventually by this magazine and change them for yuri.

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