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There could be a tag like Open end, Loose end, or Lots of loose threads.

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Could have taken her to tokyo lol

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Honestly.. this is pretty good.. hoping for sequel!

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This is nice! I liked it

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As Native People, my BFF & I both love this story. Although it resembles some worthless old adventure story, it actually subverts the cliches as Hana repeatedly assumes she will be harmed--but isn't. The villagers are on edge because they've had bad encounters with 1st world people before. The father is the most aggressive because his daughter will be the 1st victim if anything goes wrong. Even someone as small as Hana can use a gun, after all. In the end, they ceased hostility quickly once the stranger danger was gone.

Yes Hana talks a lot. Yet: "I've learned how I can communicate my feelings." Ap is intelligent enough to figure out a modern phone, so she can surely also read tone of voice, face & body language. She's getting more from the conversations then you might be assuming.

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There is a miscommunication when Hana doesn't know that Ap's kiss is a proposal. "We've already performed the engagement ceremony today!" Hana didn't push her away, so Ap thought she said "Yes."

Their separation isn't entirely bad. Hana wasn't ready for her wedding night: "I'm going to end up hurting her." But when she gets back I bet she'll be all over Ap.

This is one time when a long-distance relationship can actually work. An idol can't be seen dating anyone, but the paparazzi will never find a wife on an island they never heard of thousands of miles away. When Ap goes into town to recharge her phone, There's probably a hot spot so she can send & receive images (Hana pays).

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I bring you good tidings of great joy!

The axe in his hand says otherwise!

Incidentally, he survived the arrows--but one struck him in the knee, ending his career as an adventurer.

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