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joined Jun 5, 2018

Brilliant world building. I love these kinda of stories. Although I hope it doesnt overstay its welcome. According to the comment above me, its on volume 8 and ongoing. It would be unfortunate for such a series to grow stale or lose its original premise.

joined Jun 5, 2018

I wish civil wars and kidnapping was this fun a nd harmless in real life...

joined Jun 5, 2018

Im on chapter 40+ now and I feel like the art got worse over time. I mean, its more clean now, but less detailed and the background has become fairly standard. I know its not good to have too many lines distracting from the main focus (that is, the characters in the scene), but at this point, it feels like Im reading a novel, where the enviroment is described only at given times. This is the huge advantage of comics/manga: You can always have everything (background/characters/action) simultaneously, whereas in a novel, only one thing can be described at a time. Still, it is a lot more detailed than the average manga out there.

joined Aug 8, 2022

There is no love for this series anymore???

joined Mar 17, 2015

This manga is still my favorite in the slice of life genre, way to good. Have beem reading the new chapters here and there while i save money to try and buy some volumes and get them delivered here in brazil.
I also recently gave a read in Life is fun even if the World has ended, witch is Hakumei & Mikochi X Girls Last Tour. Also realy good, full of little people slice of life like adventures (but now in a depressive post apocalipse world full of horrors from beyond).

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