Angelic Girl by Morishima Akiko — Completed


Nega is in love with Tsukimiya, her "angel" in the school's photography club. Unfortunately, she is also a gloomy loner with low self-esteem and too ashamed of her sexual fantasies to act on her feelings - until her childhood friend Nana gets fed up with her and intervenes.

This is a three part miniseries collected in Morishima's anthology tankoubon "Girls' Union." Also included are reprints of several older Wildrose oneshots, which have been already scanlated by Lililicious and Dynasty. Namely Girls' Union, Slave to Love, Full of Memories, Christmas Eve Agape, and The Fragrant Sea Breeze.

Chapter 1: Angelic Girl released Sep 6 '13 Blushing
Chapter 2: Cherry Girl released Oct 1 '13 Bisexual
Chapter 3: Her Girlfriend [end] released Jan 29 '14