A Lapis-Lazuli Blue Dream by Morishima Akiko — Completed and Licensed


This manga has been licensed

Content licensed for English release has been removed from the reader. You can support the author by purchasing the title when it becomes available.

"Soft-Boiled Fujoshi" is about a minor character from Morishima Akiko's manga Hanjuku Joshi (which is part of Yuri Hime's line of cell phone manga; see Wings of Yuri for scanlations of it). Moe is more important to fujoshi than love is... or is it? There is an extra for this story in Sayuri-hime 4.
In "Season of the 20-Year-Old Virgin ~Virgin Season~," the next story in the "20-Year-Old Girl x 30-Year-Old Maiden" series, Emi and Keiko have trouble finding time to spend together.
In "On a Night When the Moon Is Full," Keiko and Emi go on a trip together.
"Princess of the Stars" takes a look at the realities of being in a relationship.
"Nostalgia" is about the relationship between a widow and the woman who has always loved her.
In the title story, a woman sleeps with her co-worker one night. Both are interested in more, but there's something standing in the way: the protagonist's dreams for the future.
In "Honey & Mustard," two women fall for the same person and decide to compete for her affections. There is an extra for this story in Petit Yuri-Hime 2010.