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Ama + Devi by Homura Subaru Original Doujin released Jun 26 '17 Big breasts Comedy School girl Supernatural Yuri
Elena by Tamasaki Tama released Apr 3 '17 Supernatural Yuri
Wish For One by Oimo released Dec 24 '16 Moderate amounts of sex NSFW Pregnant Science babies Supernatural Yuri
Hinata and the Black Cat by Sugano Manami released Dec 15 '16 Animal ears Deity Het School girl Supernatural
Rendezvous by Shimazaki released Dec 6 '16 Supernatural Yuri
Division Girl 2 by Shimazaki released Dec 4 '16 Drama School girl Supernatural Violence Yuri
Division Girl 1 by Shimazaki released Nov 30 '16 Drama School girl Supernatural Violence Yuri
Primo Piatto by Dowman Sayman released Oct 13 '16 Drama Supernatural Violence
Each Other's Guardians by Ogino Jun released Sep 27 '16 Action Drama Ecchi School girl Supernatural Tsundere Yuri
Rock Candy Praparat by Fukasaku Emi released Aug 14 '16 School life Subtext Supernatural
And Then, the Two of Us... by Akuta Fumie released Jul 13 '16 Childhood friends Drama School life Supernatural Yuri
NicoMaki Triangle by Ooshima Tomo Love Live! Doujin released Jul 3 '16 Lots of sex Maki x Nico NSFW Supernatural Threesome Yuri
The Heir of the Curse by Nagashiro Rouge released Apr 20 '16 Childhood friends Moderate amounts of sex NSFW Pregnant Science babies Supernatural Tomboy Yuri
The Cosmos Garden by Himawari Souya released Jan 29 '16 Romance Supernatural Yuri
Lily On The Blade by Batta Original Doujin released Jul 24 '15 Action Comedy Supernatural Yuri
Stream Will, Tomorrow, and the Warmth in Your Hands by Yui7 Original Doujin released Mar 6 '15 Drama Incest Moderate amounts of sex NSFW Supernatural Toys What the fuck am I reading? Yuri
Snow of Spring by Itou Hachi Original Doujin released Jan 31 '15 Age gap Animal ears Drama Supernatural Yuri
The Azure Bird and Spring Wind by Yurihara Aki released Jan 20 '15 School life Supernatural Yuri
The Festival of Demons - A Cunning Chance Encounter by Jiromaru Itsuki Original Doujin released Oct 31 '14 Comedy Drama School life Supernatural Yuri
Spooky Tale by Dowman Sayman The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Doujin released Jun 13 '14 Supernatural
Beloved Jennifer by Dowman Sayman Splatterhouse Doujin released Mar 5 '14 Comedy Gender bender NSFW School life Supernatural Yuri
Miyabi-chan Down from the Moon by Hirao Auri released Mar 4 '14 Comedy Supernatural Yuri
Witches' Sabbath by Dowman Sayman released Nov 4 '13 NSFW Supernatural Yuri
Sound of the Star by Ogitouma released Sep 25 '13 Drama Music Supernatural Very large size gap Yuri
Little Witch Academia by Terio Teri released Aug 20 '13 Anime Comedy Fantasy Supernatural