Please Bully Me, Miss Villainess! by Chise and Ciwei Mao Yuedu


I, Yvonne, reincarnated into an otome game as the rich villainess. According to the game's plot, a character loathed by everyone such as myself has the main role of bullying the heroine, pushing her towards the various love interests' romantic routes. But it seems like there's something wrong with Elsa, the heroine! She's getting too close to me!

Chapter 1: How the Villainess Came to be Exiled released Nov 15 '21
Chapter 2: You Call This Bullying? released Nov 16 '21
Chapter 3: You are the Person of my Destiny! released Nov 18 '21
Chapter 4: You Guys Suck at Bullying! released Nov 20 '21
Chapter 5: Are You Thinking of Locking Me Up? released Nov 24 '21
Chapter 6: Come Home With Me released Nov 27 '21