Our Yuri Started With Me Getting Rejected in a Dream by Hijiki — Ongoing


For your very average high school girl, Tsukushi, there's her cool and beautiful childhood friend (with some very particular weaknesses) Hinoka. Tsukushi always thought they would be normal childhood friends forever… That is until Tsukushi saw Hinoka rejected her confession in a dream. The hypnagogic romantic comedy between a cheery maiden, and a cool girl which begins with a dream, starts right now!

The serialized version of A Yuri Manga That Starts With Getting Rejected in a Dream

Chapter 1 released Apr 24 '22 Ice cream
Chapter 2: Confirmation released Jun 1 '22
Chapter 3: Kiss released Jun 11 '22 Food
Chapter 4: Holding Hands released Jun 15 '22 Moe up the butt
Chapter 5: Dreaming of Her Touch released Jul 13 '22 Legs
Chapter 6: Sleepover released Aug 10 '22
Chapter 7: Sorry released Aug 23 '22 Sleeping
Chapter 8: Best Friend released Sep 20 '22
Chapter 9: Their Private Time released Sep 24 '22 Gyaru