I Won't Sleep with You for Free by Hinohara Fuki — Ongoing


Miyako Kirishima, a university student and aspiring teacher, is a poor girl who enjoys being frugal. One day, she has a meal with Yui Nakano, her friend whom she occasionally tutors. On the way home, Yui invites her to a love hotel. Miyako is reluctant, unwilling to have sex with a friend. However, Yui cuts her off, offering her 30000 yen for sex! Subsequently, Miyako ends up in more "transactions" with her other friends at her women's university!? The curtain rises on a tale of yuri, friendship, money, and sex♡.

Chapter 1: The First Time Nakano-san and I... released Aug 9 '22
Chapter 2: Nakano’s Study Session released Aug 23 '22
Chapter 3: Asakura-san’s Donation released Aug 27 '22
Chapter 4: Role Model Chinatsu-san released Sep 2 '22
Chapter 5: Chinatsu-sensei’s Lesson released Sep 9 '22 Student x Teacher
Chapter 6: Sayama-san is a Huge Introvert released Sep 18 '22
Chapter 7: Sayama-san's First Time released Sep 25 '22
Chapter 8: Nakano-san and the Department Store released Oct 2 '22