The Zärtlichkeit du Yuri

Formerly Mai88. Active members: translator: dareka00, Arashura, A916, Inugami, Tralfamatore, Tsubasa Cat, (Totalbodyworkout); editor: Mai88, Rat, Raida, (Kimmy); proofreader: bronx819, Altair, A916, antarctica, Tsubasa Cat, (Totalbodyworkout), (Kimmy).
Also known as Tender Yuri Scans.

October 2018
A Period of Bandaged Girls by Sudou Yumi released Oct 12 '18 School girl Yuri
Kimi no Tame nara Shineru ch39 by Kuzushiro released Oct 5 '18 4-koma Age gap Comedy Historical Yuri
September 2018
Sugar by Miyauchi Yuuka released Sep 28 '18 School girl Yuri
After-Hours Love by Yamamoto Mamo released Sep 21 '18 Adult life Co-worker Office lady Yuri
Strawberry Fields Once Again ch08: Uncertain Eternity by Kinosaki Kazura released Sep 14 '18 Comedy School life Yuri
The Face I Want to Show, The Face I Want to Know by Kanarashi Works released Sep 7 '18 Adult life Comedy Sequel Yuri
August 2018
Are You Human? by Atoki Touhou Project Doujin released Aug 31 '18 Sakuya x Reimu
Adult Women Don't Try Too Hard by Amano Shuninta released Aug 24 '18 Adult life Blushing Co-worker Comedy Romance Yuri
A Flower in the Storm by Takemiya Jin released Aug 24 '18 Co-worker Comedy Office lady Yuri
The Love of Hazy Moon by Satou Memeko Touhou Project Doujin released Aug 17 '18 Kaguya x Mokou Yuri
Everyone's Missing Out by Irua released Aug 10 '18 Adult life Age gap Co-worker Office lady Yuri
Darchovy by Neoneet Girls und Panzer Doujin released Aug 3 '18 Anchovy x Darjeeling Comedy Drugs Lots of sex NSFW Yuri
July 2018
Kiritani-san & Sasaki-san by Kitao Taki released Jul 29 '18 Co-worker Office lady Yuri
A Secret Just Between You and Me ch05 by Nekomura released Jul 27 '18 Childhood friends School girl Yuri
What Lies Ahead of a Tumbling Rock by Takitarou Girls und Panzer Doujin released Jul 20 '18 Comedy
Story about OL-san Picking up a Cat by Takano Saku Original Doujin released Jul 13 '18 Age gap Animal ears Biting Ecchi Office lady Supernatural Vampire Yuri
Aqua Blue Cotton by Kurokiri Misao released Jul 6 '18 Drama Music Yuri
June 2018
Sevendays. by Emilio Girls und Panzer Doujin released Jun 26 '18 Erika x Miho Marriage Romance Yuri
Kimi no Tame nara Shineru ch38.5 by Kuzushiro released Jun 21 '18 4-koma Age gap Comedy Historical Yuri
Vampire-chan × Junior-chan ch10: Jealousy by Takano Saku released Jun 12 '18 Biting Blushing Ecchi Romance School life Vampire Yuri
Yumemi's Wolf by Shoujo Mitsu Original Doujin released Jun 7 '18 Animal ears School girl Yuri
May 2018
The Witch's Work by Canno released May 27 '18 4-koma Adult life Co-worker Comedy Supernatural Yuri
Meeting at the Root of All Flowers by 322g Danganronpa Doujin released May 19 '18 Drama Kirigiri x Sayaka Moderate amounts of sex NSFW Spoilers Yuri
Snowflakes - After by Momono Moto released May 10 '18 School girl Sequel Yuri
Live-streamer Girlfriend by Takemiya Jin released May 6 '18 Adult life Yuri