Also known as Unknown

Group(s) we have no information on at all. Typically will appear in really old scanlations.

May 2020
My Big Sister by Gagane Hi Original Doujin released May 29 '20 Very large size gap
February 2018
Nocturnal by Shitaranana Kemono Friends Doujin released Feb 8 '18 Kaban x Serval Sleeping Yuri
January 2018
Yasetai-san and Shitsuren-chan by Fumio Aya and Tsuyoshi Yasuda released Jan 26 '18 Age gap Chubby Yuri
When Jaguar Wants To Play Too by Seto Kemono Friends Doujin released Jan 20 '18 Comedy Full colour
November 2017
Drunk Titus by tekitounimohodogaaru Girls' Last Tour Doujin released Nov 13 '17 Chito x Yuuri Drunk Yuri
October 2017
Intellectual Training by DATE Kemono Friends Doujin released Oct 9 '17 4-koma Comedy
August 2017
Meanie by ??? Mai Hime Doujin and Mai-Otome Doujin released Aug 15 '17 Shizuru x Natsuki Yuri
July 2017
Nanoha introduces Vivio to her family by MSLN Nanoha Doujin released Jul 30 '17 Comedy Nanoha x Fate
Arai-san and the Small Animal by Shimanoji Dayo Kemono Friends Doujin released Jul 2 '17 Fennec x Raccoon Full colour
March 2017
Butterfly Effect by yunyun0722 Overwatch Doujin released Mar 15 '17 Aaaaaangst Age gap D.Va x Mercy Depressing as fuck Drama Read left to right Tragedy Violence Yuri
September 2016
Love Live Tokyo Highway Battle by Kawahararimi Love Live! Doujin released Sep 19 '16 Cars Comedy Parody
YouChika by Nigirimeshi Love Live! Sunshine!! Doujin released Sep 6 '16 Chika x You Yuri
April 2016
Akane x Karen by Kushima Uichi Castle Town Dandelion Doujin released Apr 28 '16 Akane x Karen Yuri
March 2016
Kokoa-san to Issho de aritain desu. by Riichu Gochuumon wa Usagi desu ka? Doujin released Mar 29 '16 Chino x Cocoa Lolicon Lots of sex NSFW Yuri
January 2016
Rainy Days by maxtribe Valkyrie Drive Doujin released Jan 14 '16 Lady J x Rain Yuri
December 2015
Meguru Hatsune by inst VOCALOID Doujin released Dec 4 '15 Drama Luka x Miku Yuri
April 2015
RIKA→MIKA☆ by Homura Subaru The Idolmaster Doujin released Apr 4 '15 Incest Lolicon Lots of sex Mika x Rika NSFW Yuri
October 2014
Nerve by Irua Pretty Rhythm Doujin released Oct 9 '14 Bell x Otoha Yuri
September 2014
Kinmoza Shino and Alice Manga by Rikugo Kiniro Mosaic Doujin released Sep 22 '14 Alice x Shinobu Aya x Yoko Comedy Full colour Tsundere Yuri
October 2013
Strike Witches: Witches of Aurora ch00 by Kyougoku Shin, Projekt Kagonish, and Shimada Fumikane released Oct 14 '13 Action Ecchi
September 2013
ShinoAli Comic by Kotobuki Kiniro Mosaic Doujin released Sep 7 '13 Alice x Shinobu Yuri
July 2013
Lazy tea party by Laminaria Rozen Maiden Doujin released Jul 16 '13 Lots of sex NSFW Shinku x Suigintou Yuri
Symphogear Sleepover by Morning Tea Senki Zesshou Symphogear Doujin released Jul 14 '13 4-koma Comedy Hibiki x Miku Yuri
June 2013
Dennou Coil ch02 by Iso Mitsuo and Kuze Mizuki released Jun 19 '13 Adventure Anime Sci-fi
May 2013
Sorairo no Kioku (First Half) by SimpleClass Nanoha Doujin released May 31 '13 Alicia x Fate Drama Incest Lolicon Lots of sex Lots of tentacles NSFW Supernatural Yuri