Yuri Hime Vol 8 — Completed


Issue 8 of Yuri Hime magazine. Many of the same mangaka return.

In chapter 11 of Hayashiya Shizuru's Strawberry Shake Sweet, we discover that someone is trying to sabotage Ran's career.
Morishima Akiko's "The Conditions For Paradise" is about two adult women figuring out the boundaries in their relationship--is too much freedom a bad thing?
In chapter 4 of Fujieda Miyabi's Chatting at the Amber Teahouse, Sarasa is sad because she has to go on a school trip and be away from Seriho.
In the second part of Kindaichi Renjuro's "Megumi and Aoi," classmates speculate about Megumi and Aoi's relationship.
In "Next to Her," by Takahashi Mako, the main character fixates on her boyfriend's ex.
"Flowers Dwelling in a Forest Manor," by Yuzuha Seiro, is about two girls who are in the process of being converted to vampires.
In the seventh installment of Morishima Akiko's YurixYuri Observation Diary, she reviews a couple of yuri games.
In "Don't Make Me Fall For You," by Chi-Ran, a transfer student finds herself the newest target of the biggest playgirl in school.
In Otsu Hiyori's "Maple Love," two college students become friends, but one of them has fallen for the other...
In "Flowers Forming a Parabola," by Hakamada Mera, the protagonist cultivates a flower.
In chapter 10 of First Love Sisters, by Shinonome Mizuo and others, it's nearly summer vacation.

Other manga in this volume include: Epitaph chapter 1, Apple Day Dream chapter 3, and Nanami and Misuzu chapter 8. We will NOT be scanlating any of them.

Strawberry Shake ch11 by Hayashiya Shizuru released Aug 26 '08 Comedy Idiot couple Idol Romance Tomboy Yuri
Epitaph ch01 by Shouoto Aya released Oct 30 '08 Drama Romance Supernatural Yuri
Creo the Crimson Crises ch01 by Takewakamaru released Nov 29 '08 Big breasts Comedy Demon Drama Fantasy Height gap Isekai Romance Yuri
Chatting at the Amber Teahouse ch04 by Fujieda Miyabi released Dec 30 '08 Age gap Co-worker Romance Slice of life Yuri
Mermaid Line ch02: Megumi and Aoi 2 by Kindaichi Renjuurou released Dec 31 '08 Drama School life Yuri
YurixYuri Observation Diary ch07 by Morishima Akiko released Jan 1 '09 Comedy Yuri
Next to Her by Takahashi Mako released Jan 2 '09 Drama Het School life Yuri
Flowers Dwelling in a Forest Manor by Yuzuha Seiro released Mar 9 '09 Supernatural Tragedy Vampire Yuri
Don't Make Me Fall For You by Chi-Ran released Mar 30 '09 NSFW Player School life Yuri
Maple Love by Otsu Hiyori released Jun 6 '09 Blushing College Romance Slice of life Yuri
Flowers Forming a Parabola by Hakamada Mera released Aug 4 '09 School life Yuri
First Love Sisters ch10 by Shinonome Mizuo released Dec 7 '09 Drama School life Yuri