Takahashi Mako http://twitter.com/takahashima5

Traces of Snow released Jun 26 '08 Yuri
Footprints in the Snow released Jul 1 '09 School life Yuri
A Drop of Ocean released Sep 24 '09 Childhood friends Yuri
Strawberry Strawberry Strawberry released Mar 29 '10 Age gap School life Student x Teacher Yuri
Spiderweb released Aug 30 '10 Drama School life Yuri
Untitled released May 30 '11 Yuri
Living-Room Flower released Oct 25 '11 Age gap Pseudo-incest Yuri
The Box of Letters released Nov 29 '11 Bullying School life Yuri
Sumire-chan's Tears released Dec 15 '11 School life Yuri
[No Title] released Apr 25 '12 Yuri
A Water Balloon, a Goldfish, and Ramune released Nov 16 '12 Age gap Drama Romance Yuri
Just Stars & Violets released Jan 7 '17 Robot Yuri
Citrus Anthology: two sisters Citrus Doujin released Feb 21 '18 Comedy Official Pseudo-incest Romance School girl Yuri