Takahashi Mako

Traces of Snow released Jun 26 '08 Yuri
Footprints in the Snow released Jul 1 '09 School life Yuri
A Drop of Ocean released Sep 24 '09 Childhood friends Yuri
Strawberry Strawberry Strawberry released Mar 29 '10 Age gap School life Student teacher Yuri
Spiderweb released Aug 30 '10 Drama School life Yuri
Untitled released May 30 '11 Yuri
Living-Room Flower released Oct 25 '11 Age gap Pseudo-incest Yuri
The Box of Letters released Nov 29 '11 Bullying School life Yuri
Sumire-chan's Tears released Dec 15 '11 School life Yuri
[No Title] released Apr 25 '12 Yuri
A Water Balloon, a Goldfish, and Ramune released Nov 16 '12 Age gap Drama Romance Yuri
Just Stars & Violets released Jan 7 '17 Robot Yuri