Hirari Vol 9

Under One Roof ch06 by Fujio released Jan 15 '13 4-koma Adult life Comedy Romance Roommates Yuri
Secret of the Princess ch01: Mirror of the Princess by Morinaga Milk released Jun 1 '13 Comedy Romance School life Tomboy Yuri
Shounen by Konno Kita released Jul 24 '13 Drama Yuri
Girls Planetarium by Amagakure Gido released Sep 5 '13 Drama Glasses Romance School girl Yuri
Basics of Stealth ch01 by Sasada Asuka released Sep 14 '13 Comedy Ninja Subtext
Kase-san ch06: Bento and Kase-san by Takashima Hiromi released Oct 3 '13 Anime Blushing Comedy Romance School life Tomboy Yuri
The Real Her ch04 by Imamura Youko released Nov 17 '13 BDSM Comedy Idiot couple Romance School life Tsundere Yuri
Holy Girl Paradigm ch02 by Morishima Akiko released Dec 21 '13 Comedy School life Yuri
I Got Myself a Little Sister by Akuta Fumie released Feb 14 '14 Drama Slice of life Subtext
One Who Depicts Love by Yotsuhara Furiko released Oct 6 '14 Delinquent Drama Kuudere School life Yuri
Witch Meets Knight ch06: The Secret Garden by Inumaru released Feb 4 '15 Kuudere Romance School life Theater Yuri
Place Your Legs Here by Osawa Amane released Oct 30 '15 Age gap Legs School girl Yuri
Limited-Time Friend by Fukasaku Emi released Mar 9 '16 Comedy Drama Older than she looks School life
Physical Exams, Just the Two of Us by Kazama Ayami released Nov 2 '16 Blushing Comedy Gyaru NSFW School life Yuri
Miniature Garden Cosmos ch08 by Kuwata Noriko released Feb 25 '17 Comedy School life Subtext Twins
Pink Rush ch08 by Tono released Oct 26 '18 Comedy Idol Player Yuri