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joined Feb 6, 2016

Its normal if y scream like a girl when i saw this??? Love this pairing

last edited at May 11, 2016 8:45PM

joined Jan 18, 2016

Poor Chino.

joined Mar 26, 2014

Didn't even read till the end. The "Oh no I've fallen and we landed inappropriately" cliche is overused one and two stupid as fuck with this sweet and innocent pairing.

joined Apr 28, 2016

that trip is cool, never seen something like that lol

joined Oct 3, 2015

a bathroom coffee cafe party. i've never heard or seen anything like it. would anyone like to try? hehehe

joined Feb 11, 2014

Damn it, Cocoa, you messed that one up. XD
-Naked Chino ? "Hey, I have a swimsuit for you ! You don't want ? I insist !"
-Chino eager and willing ? "Let's call the other girl for a coffee party !"

Cocoa, you airhead !

joined May 10, 2014
......uh...that's not how physics works...?

joined Aug 18, 2015

Poor Chino.

My thoughts exactly.
I'd kill for a story with an aggressive Chino.

joined Feb 6, 2016
......uh...that's not how physics works...?

It has cod physics

joined Jan 18, 2016

if only chino and cocoa didnt wear swimsuits just then

joined Jan 17, 2017

Do not sorry chino. You will get more chances
(ノ_;)ヾ(´ ∀ ` )

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