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joined Jan 30, 2013

^ LMAO ahahahahahahahaha Nezchan you made my day hahahahaha
she most likely did hahaha though it is treatable and not a serious thing but still who would put this in a manga? XD
Unless she did have an itchy Vagina lol and she didn't wash up properly? or trim her hair lel. But wait she didnt have hair... yup a yeast infection...pff oh man this comic got even funnier XD

joined Jan 17, 2014

It's a new concept and the art is on point, as well as the humor, a true modern masterpiece.

joined Feb 5, 2015

So, sniffing a person's vagina is being polite? Got it, Honoka. Hahahaha this one is pure gold. Loved the character's expression, just spot on. Never thought I'd ever be reading a story about an itchy vagina xD

joined Jun 21, 2013

I made it up to the butt sniffing page and lost my mind laughing hysterically. Gonna just leave this for another time, maybe when I don't need to go to bed.

And butt sniffing is polite in the world of dogs! Honoka, last I checked you weren't a dog, why you sniffing her butt. . .oe vagina?

joined May 24, 2015

It's a new concept and the art is on point, as well as the humor, a true modern masterpiece.

i'm dying

joined Dec 3, 2014

lol, was that piss at the end? I'm so confused.

joined Aug 2, 2015

Okay so I am not like a gynocologist or a certified vagina specialist, but I am pretty sure that your vagina should not be itchy and have a sea smell to it.

well maybe i put some sea-scented perfume on my vagina. DON'T JUDGE ME OKAY

joined Jun 27, 2014

I never thought I could love Watersports as much as I do until I read this, this's just that amazing.

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She's not wrong tho

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Porn dont need a story,just enjoyed it

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man those tiger bombs does hurt like hell

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What was this so hilarious...

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