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joined Jun 7, 2014

Holy crap honorin finally happened

joined Sep 20, 2014

Took the world long enough

joined Oct 16, 2013

Aw this was cute. I do wish for more Honoka duets though. Too many solos and it would be really fun to see Emitsun perform with someone else.

joined Oct 6, 2014

Love this ship ヽ( ・∀・)ノ

joined Apr 28, 2014

Is it just me, or are all the Love Live ships drawn from a hat or something?

joined Aug 24, 2014

Is it just me, or are all the Love Live ships drawn from a hat or something?

So true...

joined Apr 6, 2015

Oooohhh That's true. I just realized that Rin is the only member who get to sing with Honoka as a duo.

joined Sep 5, 2012

OMG. How did I missed the only HonoRin manga I've ever seen...
Passionate is one of my fav song~

joined Aug 2, 2015

I guess it gets pretty lonely at the top. Honoka pretty much gets pushed (by Umi, because she loves her and wants to give her anything and everything) so hard that the only duo she has is with Rin. Their relationship is kinda fun though. Honoka and Rin are both part of the Three Idiots, along with Nico, so they pretty much have a lot of fun just being together and doing stupid things, things that the others are either too shy or too 'stiff' (I'm looking at you Umi, Maki) to try out. Them getting a Duo is just so perfect that it's like it's meant to be. I don't find much for them in a romantic relationship, but I see them as the closest out of anyone. (excluding those childhood friend trio/duos) Plus, I think they sound good together. At least, good enough to compete with the SolGe trio. Now if they put a HonoNicoRin song up, then I'd jump for joy. #IdiotTrioisLove

Now all we need is a Honoka x Nico doujin and we're good to go. Come on, world! SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT!

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