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where did the comments go?

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and why there is no yuri tag even thought this is based on a yuri game?

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Loved the Akai Ito -Kaeishou- part, finished the game just recently and was glad to see all the characters from that game again together at Kei's side (sadly Yumei didn't get too much appearance there).
that page with Nozomi though, makes me like her even more now.

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.... It was something to read.... I didn't really get it tho?.... Nor did I complete it.... I tried...

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Ah. This makes me feel so nostalgic. Akaiito and Aoishiro. The former got me into VN. I think that really was my first real VN, and I didn't even play it, just read through it because of the great work of Zohar and any other related people. Honestly I never finished Aoishiro in full because it was much longer and harder for me to be invested in. It was still enjoyable even if not as engaging.

I only found these a few years ago, so maybe nostalgic isn't fully the right word. But I find that there's something beautiful about rediscovering a classic and knowing that experience can't be completely recaptured anymore. In English-speaking countries at least, I wonder if works like these will still be remembered in another decade or if they will have faded away.

So anyway I should be talking about this specific manga, but I haven't actually read it so can't lol. I will return another day to comment.

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