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Prez kinda reminds me of Shino from Seitokai Yakuindomo... Not only in looks.

So many yuri comedies, I am getting overloaded here!
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Prez kinda reminds me of Shino from Seitokai Yakuindomo... Not only in looks.

To a certain point I agree with you on that.

Also this Student Council President is awesome.

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Comedy is fine but I prefer some romance in it hmmm..

Nezchan Moderator
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Oddly, so far I'm liking the secretary most.

OrangePekoe Staff
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whos the artist?


Artist added, Minazuki Shinobu.

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soo many yuri~!!! this year is awesome!!! >.<,.

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lol @ bottom credits COMEDY / tragedy

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Your face is red!

Hahaha, wasn't expecting that. That was great.

So many yuri comedies

So many, but never too many.

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Lol this manga had me at Jelly....

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the prez reminds me of a dirty old man. but just a bit more tame than perverted

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When i opened up the first chapter and saw Remu, she reminded me of Hanazono Hikari from Special A.. I was so wrong :D

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Came for comedy, stayed for yuri.
Also recognized the artist. Other works aren't yuri tho.

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LOL, what a president! though I became a fan of ze vice-president! xD Sae! xD like this one~ its funny~

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seitokaichou is win

adding to the list

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Love this, Prez is awesome :D

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this is fun but I wonder when will I see the plot

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Sae, the vice president, I think she is cool and Moeko also got my attention too...

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Great Story!

Wish there was more

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I love the president, she's a pervert.

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